Interesting Facts You Need To Know About David Adkins, AKA Sinbad

David Adkins, who goes by the name of Sinbad, is a comedian and entertainer.

David Adkins, commonly known as Sinbad, is a big name and an even bigger talent in the comedy industry. What Sinbad facts do you know? What is Sinbad’s real name? [Read More …]

The Relationship Between Jan-Michael Vincent and His Daughter


Jan-Michael Vincent was a big name in Hollywood during the 1980’s. For those that are unfamiliar with him, he was part of the show Airwolf. This show was the highest [Read More …]

Disneyland Secrets That Will Blow Your Mind

disneyland secrets facts

Disneyland Secrets You Never Would Have Guessed Disneyland is known for its childlike wonder. But there are some juicy Disneyland secrets that few know about. Read up on these Disneyland [Read More …]

7 Reasons Why We Think Matt Bomer Is Great

Matt Bomer

Matt Bomer shed forty pounds for a movie role Matt Bomer played the role of Felix Turner in The Normal Heart. The role of Felix Turner wanted to expose the truth [Read More …]

Top 10 Most Beautiful Places in California

California Coast is Beautiful

10 Most Beautiful Places to Visit in California California is located оn the wеѕt coast of North America. It is the largest ѕtаtе оf the Unitеd Stаtеѕ bу population. California offers something [Read More …]

Did Alex Jones Help to Make Trump President?

Donald Trump and Alex Jones

For anybody who hasn’t been living under a rock for the last few weeks, Donald Trump is due to become the next president of the U.S. The news has left [Read More …]

Blake Shelton, Miranda Lambert and Gwen Stefani – The Juicy Dirt 

blake shelton and gwen stefani

Who is Blake Shelton? Ah, Hollywood, full of drama and storylines that never truly sleep. One of the latest stories is on Blake Shelton. For those of you that are [Read More …]

Criminal Minds Cast Rumors You Should Know

criminal minds cast rumours

The Most Interesting Criminal Minds Cast Rumors Criminal Minds is an American procedural crime drama television series that premiered on September 22nd, 2005. Ending its 11th season on May 4th [Read More …]

Is Danney Williams Really the Son of Bill Clinton?

"The kid is not my son"?

Danney Williams, son of Bill Clinton

The scandal of Bill Clinton is not a new story. Bill Clinton was said to have had a baby with a former prostitute named Bobbie Williams. The relationship began in [Read More …]

“The Different World” of Charnele Brown, Who is This Amazing Actress?

Charnele Brown

Get To Know Charnele Brown Charnele Brown introduced herself to the world through her role as Kim Reese in ‘A Different World’. She started out as a stock broker in [Read More …]