10 Making A Murderer Twitter Accounts You Must Follow Now

#MakingAMurder "Season 2" Is unfolding on Twitter and here are the 10 Twitter accounts you need to follow Steven Avery and Brendan Dassey's plight for freedom!

Steven Avery in a mugshot from Manitowoc County Sheriff's department and a twitter logo with bars

#MakingAMurder’s Hashtag Justice Over the holidays Netflix released its most captivating and instantly popular true crime documentary: Making A Muderer. The ten episode series tells the story of Manitowoc County’s Steven [Read More …]

Trump Is America

Trump Is America & He Wants To Be Great Again. So Do the American Voters Who Support Him.

Donald Trump wears a Captain America outfit in the lobby of a hotel before a debate

Make America Great Again So you think Donald Trump can’t actually become the next President of the United States? Sorry Hippie, “get him oughta here!” It’s time to get your facts [Read More …]

Physician Assisted Death: How I Killed My Father

My Father's life ended By Physician Assisted Death But It Is Not What You Think and This Story May Change The Way You Think About The Right-To-Die.

an old and elderly man is balding and sitting in front of his son who has a knife behind his back

A Doctor Helped End My Father’s Life: This Is My Story Where do you stand on Physican-Assisted Suicide and the Right-To-Die? You may be as surprised as I was. My father [Read More …]

Lady Gaga’s Grammy Tribute To Midler, Fat Elvis & ABBA

Some people thought Lady Gaga was paying tribute to David Bowie at the Grammys. How wrong were they?

Lady Gaga sings in a white jumpsuit with Las Vegan Elvis, Bette Midler and Donna and The Dynamos from Mama Mia

Lady Gaga took to the stage at the 2016 Grammys to pay tribute to a great artist but who was she actually paying tribute to? Some say David Bowie but [Read More …]

Lorde’s Bowie Tribute Redeems Lady Gaga Bomb

Lorde's David Bowie Tribute At the Brit Awards Blew Lady Gaga's Grammy Tribute Out of the Water. Here Is Why!

Lord sings Life On Mars at the Brit Awards in honour and tribute to David Bowie while Lady Gaga holds a microphone with her arms out at a Bowie tribute at the Grammys

Add Rock and Roll Tributes To The Many Things Brits Do Better than Americans After Lady Gaga finished her Grammys tribute to David Bowie I immediately thought of the famous quote by fashion designer [Read More …]

10 Tweets Funnier Than Jeb Bush’s Gun

10 Tweets To Rescue Jeb Bush's Presidential Campaign and take him to The White House In Style

Jeb Bush twitter account tweet shows a monogramed FN Five-seven handgun with his name on it, beside a tweet with a bald Donald Trump and caption LMFAO

Jeb Bush took to Twitter this week to send Americans a photograph of his FN Five-seven 5.7-mm semi-automatic pistol with a one word message: America. America indeed. Aside from associating [Read More …]

10 Gun Tweets Jeb Bush Should Have Tweeted To America

Jeb Bush Tweeted a picture of his 5.7mm armour piercing handgun with just one word: America. See what he should have Tweeted to America!

Jeb Bush tweets about his handgun

Presidential Candidate Jeb Bush recently tweeted a photograph of an armour piercing 5.7mm semi-automatic pistol which is the current favourite choice of criminal drug dealers who run the Mexican Cartels. The [Read More …]

Martin Shkreli Snapchat Congress Testimony

Pharma Bro Martin Shkreli's Snapchat Congress Testimony

Martin Shkreli testifies before congress with snapchat filters giving him flaming eyebrows glowing eyes and flame hair

Watch Martin Shkreli’s Snapchat Testimony Congress Conquers Evil Pharma Bro With Photo-Op Pharma Boy overlord Martin Shkreli, America’s “most hated man,” arrived in Congress last week to invoke the 5th amendment in response to [Read More …]

Floating Air Bonsai To Blow Hipster Minds

Genius Invents Magic Floating "Air Bonsai" & It's going to Radically Change The Spare Time of the Modern Hipster

A Hoshinchu Air Bonsai Japanese maple floats beside a bong and a Yanni album

  Hoshinchu Air Bonsai Garden Release Date Look out Hipsters, High School Stoners, New Age Neo-Hippies and Reiki Masters, your world is about to get rocked by the Floating Air [Read More …]

10 More Ken Kratz Meantweets

The Hate On Is Back For Ken Kratz's Voice

Two pictures of Ken Kratz appear on an iPhone from a twitter feed

Hatred for Ken Kratz’s voice, ethics, personality, sexting and overall being, has reached epic proportions on twitter. We recently covered the 50 Meanest Ken Kratz Tweets thinking that would about [Read More …]