Obamacare Replacement Gets a Professional Evaluation

Obamacare Scrabble

On Monday the 13th, the healthcare plan that’s meant to replace Obamacare received an official, professional evaluation. Conducted by the Congressional Budget Office, the diagnosis mainly looks at how much [Read More …]

Trump’s Replacement Travel Ban Rejected

Protesters resist the first Muslim/travel ban at the San Francisco National Airport

Well, I don’t think any of us didn’t see this coming, especially after the first travel ban. If somebody was clueless as to what would happen here…well. Have you been [Read More …]

Pages of Trump’s Tax Returns from 2005 Leaked

Trump's tax returns

Trump’s tax returns have been LEAKED! Well, not the entirety of them. Just a few pages. But these few pages are enough to get Trump in some serious hot water. [Read More …]

Obamacare Replacement Clears Two Major Hurdles


Hoo boy, here it comes. The Obamacare replacement has laced its sneakers up and is clearing them hurdles like an Olympic runner. I just hope it beefs itself up before [Read More …]

Obamacare Replacement Having Some Troubles


Yes, you read right! The GOP actually put into consideration a plan that’s meant to be a replacement for Obamacare! After months without having a clear direction, they’ve finally penned [Read More …]

Trump’s Alleged Wiretap Not Actually A Thing

National Intelligence Agency wiretap

At least according to the director of the FBI, which is the agency that would handle a Presidential wiretap, Trump’s alleged wiretap did not actually happen, and Obama is innocent. [Read More …]

Jeff Sessions Steps Down From Russia Investigations

Jeff Sessions at the podium

In a stunning turn of events, the new Attorney General Jeff Sessions actually IS going to step away from the Russia investigations! I know, I’m surprised too. I had to [Read More …]

More Questions About Trump-Russia Relations Crop Up

Michael Flynn and Trump-Russia Relations

Trump-Russia relations? Yes, that’s still going on. Yes, it’s as pervasive as you think it is. No, it’s probably not going away anytime soon. Wait, What? A quick recap, then. [Read More …]

Trump’s Latest Address to Congress About his Plans for the US

Trump signing documents prioritizing Christian refugees

On the last day of February, Trump went before Congress to detail his plans for the next four years. He covered what he’s already done, what he hopes to do, [Read More …]

Trump Administration Tried to Silence Intelligence Community on Russia

Reince Priebus

Oh lordy, here we go. According to CNN, Reince Priebus requested that the FBI deny reports that Trump’s campaign had relations with Russia. This comes when the investigation into said [Read More …]