Emma Watson Prefers Belle to Cinderella

In new interview, actress reveals why she turned down previous Disney princess role

Emma Watson with Beauty and the Beast and Cinderella Posters

Emma Watson in Beauty and the Beast You might have seen photos of Emma Watson hiding feminist books on the London Underground a few months back. Now the 26-year-old Harry [Read More …]

New Harry Potter-Themed Restaurant Opens in Brooklyn

Pasta Wiz serves fast, organic pasta in Hogwarts-inspired setting.

harry potter-themed restaurant - pasta wiz

Harry Potter-Themed Restaurant – Pasta Wiz A new restaurant in Brooklyn mixes two unlikely ingredients: Harry Potter and pasta. Pasta Wiz, the new Harry Potter-themed restaurant in Brooklyn, New York, [Read More …]

Stressed Out? Try Goat Yoga – And Yes, It’s a Real Thing

An Oregononian holds yoga classes at her goat farm

goat yoga

There’s nothing as soothing as settling down into a nice child’s pose as a baby goat hops onto your back. Wait – baby goat?! At No Regrets Farm in Oregon, goats [Read More …]

New Aristotle Baby Monitor Announced – Are Robot Nannies Taking Over?

AI platform assists parents in raising children

aristotle baby monitor

Robots may be raising our children in the not so far off future. This summer, innovative toy-making company Mattel will debut a new smart monitor called ‘Aristotle.’ Similar to Amazon’s [Read More …]

Life of Bambi Artist Tyrus Wong Was Plagued by Racial Prejudice

Chinese-born 'Bambi' artist who died December 30 played a formative role in Hollywood

Bambi Artist Tyrus Wong

2016 claimed the lives of many celebrities, from rock legend David Bowie to author Harper Lee. The tail end of December was especially brutal: we said goodbye to George Michael, Carrie Fisher, and [Read More …]

Pinball is Legal in Indiana, After 61 Years

Pinball is legal in Indiana

It’s official: pinball is legal in Kokomo, Indiana. Wait, it was illegal? Last week, Mayor Greg Goodnight lifted the city’s ban on pinball that has been in place since 1955. [Read More …]