Yuengling’s Creates Butterbeer Ice Cream

Pennsylvania company releases new Harry Potter-inspired ice cream flavor

butterbeer ice cream

Spring is upon us, and as the days start warming up (if you’re lucky enough to be in a place where they’re actually doing that) you might find your thoughts [Read More …]

Giant Chicken Terrorizes Twitter Users Around the World

Here are the best reactions to the giant chicken video

giant chicken

That’s one giant chicken. A Twitter video of a huge chicken scared the internet almost to death on Sunday morning. And now people can’t get over it. In the video, [Read More …]

Classic Monopoly Tokens Get Upgrade

Boot, wheelbarrow, and thimble on their way out

Monopoly tokens getting an overhaul

Remember when you used to play Monopoly as a kid? The games usually ended up lasting about three hours, if you were lucky. By the end of those three hours, [Read More …]

Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups Robbery Not the First – Craziest Candy-Related Robberies

'Peanut Butter Cup Bandit' breaks into 7-Eleven three times in four days

Reese's Peanut Butter Cups Robbery

Those Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups are good. So good, in fact, that you might just break the law to get some. And this wasn’t the first. There have actually been [Read More …]

Three convincing reasons to buy a town

Oregon town goes on sale for $3 million

Town for Sale - Tiller OR - Buy a town

Tiller, Oregon If anyone has $3 million lying around, they can now use it to buy a town in Oregon. Tiller, a town of 250 acres in Southern Oregon, is [Read More …]

Taylor Swift’s Crazy Stalker, and Other Celebrity Stalkers Who Went Too Far

Obsessed fan climbed the roof of Swift's New York home

Taylor Swift Stalker - Crazy Celebrity Stalker

Taylor Swift has some crazy fans. She also has a lot of normal fans, but those ones never make the headlines. For one extremely dedicated fan (read: celebrity stalker), an obsession [Read More …]

Pants on Fire: Lawyer’s Pants Spontaneously Combust

Incident is latest case in the pants on fire epidemic

Stephen Gutierrez, Lawyer with eCigarette that resulted in Pants on Fire in Arson case

It’s pretty hard to convince the jury that you’re telling the truth when your pants are literally on fire. It started when defense lawyer Stephen Gutierrez started fiddling with something in his [Read More …]

Barbra Streisand Blames Her Weight Problems on Trump

74-year-old singer tweets that Trump's presidency is making her gain weight

Trump pancakes

Weight Problems? Blame Them on Trump Even before he took office, people started blaming all our country’s problems on Donald Trump. Now that he’s running the White House (and, yikes, [Read More …]

Five Celebrities Who Could Run for President in 2020

In wake of Trump's election, other celebrities consider running for office

Seinfeld - Celebrities Who Could Run For President 2020

The election of Donald Trump as our nation’s 45th president has got some celebrities thinking. The fact that President Trump was a TV celebrity and famous businessman before his election [Read More …]

Introducing Pie Tops: The Shoes That Order Pizza

Pizza Hut releases new shoes in conjunction with NCAA Basketball Tournament

Pizza hut delivery

Pie Tops: Pizza Shoes “There comes a time when the only way is the hard way. Ordering pizza is not that time.” So begins Pizza Hut’s new commercial featuring Pie [Read More …]