Legalization: A Scientific Perspective

Despite a national increase in support of legalization, the Drug Enforcement Agency elected on Thursday to preserve marijuana’s illegal status. The announcement was made in response to a July 2016 [Read More …]

WrestleMania 33: Two Battle, Too Huge

These two titans will face off in battle where SIZE MATTERS!

WWE superstar Big Show confirms that he will battle NBA big man Shaquille O’Neal during WrestleMania 33, in a match that has wrestling fans wired. During an interview by Shanghai [Read More …]

23 U.S. Presidents And Presidential Hopefuls Ranked By IQ Score

For kids growing up in the United States, aspirations of becoming president ranks somewhere in the top five dream jobs along with a firefighter, doctor and, of course, a ninja. [Read More …]

Rio De Janeiro’s Olympic Nightmare

With the 2016 Summer Olympics well underway in scenic Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, the world has experienced less than golden living conditions of athletes, coaches and travelers alike. Since the [Read More …]

Sanctions in North Korea Provoke Missile Launch

North Korea fired yet another ballistic missile early Wednesday morning, six days after a top North Korean diplomat said U.S “crossed the red line.” The missile fired around 7:50 a.m. Wednesday [Read More …]

Saving Money – Learn From The Rich

What is your plan for saving money? How much money do you save for unexpected expenses such as vehicle damage or household repairs or even for a comfortable, yet unforeseeable [Read More …]

The Aldon Smith Periscope: When Live Streams Go Wrong

Live streaming apps are really becoming more and more popular. Periscope is taking off and more people are streaming their daily lives. However, this also presents problems. Here are some [Read More …]

How To Survive an Active Shooter Experience: All You Need To Know

While having dinner with your family at a local restaurant, an active shooter walks in and begins to open fire randomly at diners. What do you do? “One of the [Read More …]

Melania Trump Found A Scapegoat: Meredith McIver

Melania Trump has become the latest public figure to join the likes of Vice President Joe Biden and Rand Paul for gracing others in their respective field of work with [Read More …]

Police Chief David Brown Praised After Dallas Attack

For his unwavering and cool demeanor after the Dallas sniper attack that left five officers dead, Police Chief David Brown has become the subject of praise from communities and leaders [Read More …]