Will Rosie O’Donnell Play Steve Bannon on SNL?

Rosie O'Donnell Steve Bannon 2

The current season of SNL has been its strongest and highest rated in years.  Its power is bolstered by a string of inspired casting choices.  Alec Baldwin’s spot-on impersonation of [Read More …]

Is House of Cards a Reference for Trump Administration?

House of Cards Frank and Claire Underwood

Netflix’s beloved political drama House of Cards returns this May.  The series focuses its spotlight on the wheeling and dealing that takes places behind the scenes in Washington D.C.  Frank [Read More …]

Syrian Refugee Takes Facebook to Court for Fake News

Angela Merkel syrian refugee selfie

The Syrian refugee crisis has become a viral humanitarian phenomenon.  It’s currently at the center of President Trump’s immigration ban.  That executive order halted Syrian refuges from entering the U.S. [Read More …]

Conway’s Fake Bowling Green Massacre Sparks Fake Vigils

Bowling Green vigil Kellyanne Conway

Over the weekend, several New Yorkers gathered outside of the Bowling Green subway station.  They held signs that read “We are all Bowling Green”.  There was a somber mood.  A [Read More …]

UC Berkeley Protests Derail Speech from Milo Yiannopoulos

UC Berkeley protest 2

Molotov cocktails thrown at police.  Commercial-grade fireworks set off.  Smashed windows.  Tossed metal barricades.  It sounds like a description from a war zone.  But this isn’t a scene from a [Read More …]

Trans Community Rushes ID Changes in Fear of Trump

transgender rights

For most people, an ID doesn’t hold much significance.  It’s more of a necessary evil.  Something you need to use your credit card without trouble.  A piece of plastic to [Read More …]

Muslim Ban One of 18 Orders from Trump’s First Week

Muslim Ban Protests

President Trump’s first week in office was marred by controversy and a flurry of executive orders.  18 to be exact, inclusive of today’s regulatory measure.  Thousands of protestors took to [Read More …]

Banana Republic President Out As Troubles Continue

banana republic in trouble

The traditional retail industry as we know it is in trouble.  In 2016 alone, several brands like Aeropostale and American Apparel filed for bankruptcy.  The Limited is 2017’s first casualty [Read More …]

SNL Writer Suspended After Mocking Trump’s 10-Year-Old Son

Katie Rich SNL writer

SNL has been one of Donald Trump’s biggest critics throughout his rise to the presidency.  From his relationship with Russian president Vladimir Putin to the anonymity of his First Lady, [Read More …]

Meitu Offers Perfect Selfies at Cost of Your Privacy

Meitu app selfie

Millions of us are on the quest for the perfect selfie.  For celebrities like Kim Kardashian West, it’s her business.  For the average person, it’s a way to communicate with [Read More …]