D.B. Cooper Mystery Solved? Was He A Boeing Employee?

New details emerge in decades-old investigation

Metal found in D.B. Cooper's tie

The man known as D.B. Cooper has been a mystery for more than four decades. In 1971, he hijacked a Northwest Orient flight and demanded $200,000 in ransom money. Then [Read More …]

Raising a Child Costs More Than $200k

raising a child

Anyone who has children knows that caring for them is not cheap. However, a new report from the U.S. Department of Agriculture shows that raising a child a may cost [Read More …]

Can Department Stores Compete With Online Retailers?

Reports show slumping sales

Macys Department Stores, New York

Major department stores including Macy’s and Kohl’s showed disappointing holiday sales this year. This signals that they may be losing the battle to online outlets like Amazon. Overall holiday sales [Read More …]

Airline Worker Trapped in Cargo Hold of Plane At 20,000 Feet

FAA Investigating Incident

Plane cargo hold reginald gaskin

Hiding out in the cargo hold of a plane is something that’s most common in movie plots and children’s dreams. However, it became a reality for one man on Sunday [Read More …]

Mouse Study Provides Insight Into Weight Loss

overweight mice weight loss

Crowds of new faces at the gym and bare shelves of kale at the grocery store can only mean — it’s New Year’s Resolution time. Weight loss and increased exercise [Read More …]

Trump Inauguration: Spectacle or Low Key?

Donald Trump inauguration

In the weeks leading up to Donald Trump’s inauguration ceremony, rumors have been flying about what the ceremony itself will look like. Will it be a big-name celebrity bash? A [Read More …]

Is 2017 The Year of Smartwatch? – Sales Expected to Grow

Year of the smartwatch 2017

Next Year Could Be the Year of the Smartwatch Is 2017 the year of the smartwatch? Technology companies sure hope so. Amid sluggish smartwatch sales in 2016, companies are hoping [Read More …]

Read This Before You Order a McDonald’s Extra Value Meal

McDonald's Extra Value Meal Controversy

Sure, a McDonald’s Extra Value Meal sounds like a great deal, but is it really? One Illinois man did the math – and McDonald’s may not be so happy with [Read More …]

Pregnancy Brain Is Real, Researchers Find

Pregnancy Brain

The idea of pregnancy brain is something that moms have joked about for years. But it might be more than that, according to neuroimaging research released this week. The study, [Read More …]

Snapchat Surgery Proves Snapchat is For More Than Just Selfies

London Physician Records First-Ever 'Snapchat Surgery'

Snapchat Surgery Dog Filter

Snapchat spectacles are among the hottest items on the market this holiday season. But, they are for more than just recording that great party you went to last night or [Read More …]