Research Suggests That Tinder is Killing Your Self Esteem?

tinder killing self-esteem

Tinder, a dating app many love to hate as they swipe left and right, may be doing more harm than good for some users. A University of North Texas (UNT) [Read More …]

Solar Triple Threat – A Full Moon, an Eclipse, and a Comet

Solar Triple Threat

The stars will align — literally — on Friday for a rare solar display of an an eclipse, comet, and a full moon. Call it a solar triple threat. No [Read More …]

Which Businesses are Boycotting Trump?

Some consumers are now facing a choice of supporting the companies and brands they love, or supporting the President they voted for in Donald Trump. The #grabyourwallet movement urges those [Read More …]

Harmful Chemicals Are Lurking in Fast Food Packages

fast food packages

You probably already know that fast food is not exactly the healthiest thing to eat. Beyond the sugar, salt, and fat in most foods, the fast food packages themselves might [Read More …]

Can a Baby Box Prevent Infant Deaths?

New Jersey sure hopes so.

Everyone wants to snuggle their baby in a soft crib surrounded by blankets and toys, but that may actually be harming babies more than helping them. The better solution, New [Read More …]

Sean Spicer’s Unlikely Twitter Foe: Dippin’ Dots

Sean Spicer Dippin’ Dots

Before Sean Spicer waged war with the media as White House Press Secretary, he had another enemy — Dippin’ Dots. In a series of tweets dating back to 2010, Spicer [Read More …]

States Prepare for Climate Change After Trump Presidency

climate change

A battle over climate change and its impacts is taking shape between the federal government and lawmakers in at least two states. Not long after taking office, President Donald Trump’s [Read More …]

Zebra Shark Gives Birth Without Mating

‘Virgin Births’ Could Pose Long Term Risks

zebra shark

It seems like the age-old process of “the birds and the bees” might not be true for every member of the Animal Kingdom. A zebra shark in Australia surprised researchers [Read More …]

D.B. Cooper Mystery Solved? Was He A Boeing Employee?

New details emerge in decades-old investigation

Metal found in D.B. Cooper's tie

The man known as D.B. Cooper has been a mystery for more than four decades. In 1971, he hijacked a Northwest Orient flight and demanded $200,000 in ransom money. Then [Read More …]

Raising a Child Costs More Than $200k

raising a child

Anyone who has children knows that caring for them is not cheap. However, a new report from the U.S. Department of Agriculture shows that raising a child a may cost [Read More …]