Part-Time Nerd Dissects Viral Star Wars Parody of BBC Interview

Droids barge into Darth Vader's BBC interview with Emperor Palpatine

If you liked the viral video of Robert E. Kelley’s children barging into his interview on BBC (if you haven’t seen it, you have to see it, it’s adorable and [Read More …]

Black Ruby – First Feature Film Shot with iPhone 7 – Ave Fenix Pictures

Emotional, funny and impressive — Black Ruby is the first feature film shot using only an iPhone 7. 

Monica Esmeralda Leon and Ave Fenix Pictures presents Black Ruby, the First Feature Film Shot with an iPhone 7

Black Ruby is the first feature film to be shot with the iPhone 7. A movie that is a rare actor’s piece, a throwback film that feels retro and dark [Read More …]

Tammy Rivera Facts That All Fans Should Know!

Tammy Rivera is Waka Flocka Flame’s wife. Tammy Rivera and Waka Flocka Flame are joining the cast of ‘Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta.’ They got engaged by getting tattoos of [Read More …]

Embarrassing Unrequited Love Stories of Celebrities

unrequited love for celebrities

Love stories are not uncommon in Hollywood. Whether it is onscreen or off the screen, love stories get huge attention in Hollywood. If it happens in Hollywood, the whole world [Read More …]

Can Money Buy Good Teeth? Celebs With Bad Teeth That Better Not Smile With An Open Mouth

Celebs with bad teeth

People in today’s world believe that they can purchase anything for money. But when it comes to reality, there are things that you can purchase for money and some you [Read More …]

You’ll Laugh When You Know the REAL Reason the R&B Divas Show Ended

r&b Divas show ended

It was aired on TV One in 2012. It became a big hit among fans when suddenly the R&B Divas show ended. The show’s biggest star Keke Wyatt became popular and [Read More …]

Romantic Getaways in Ohio – The Best 5 Places For Love

romantic getaways in ohio

Although it has become such a hot spot with all the recent sports success, there are also very romantic getaways in Ohio.  If you want to explore Ohio and take your significant other [Read More …]

What Are Disneyland Photopass Pros and Cons?

Disneyland Photopass Pros and Cons

The old-new product of Disney, Disneyland Photopass, is getting trendy. What are Disneyland Photopass Pros and Cons? We investigated this question! Have you been planning a trip to Disneyland for the [Read More …]

If You’re Sexting, You’d Better Be Doing It Right: How to Sext Like a Pro

The world has been changing at a very dramatic rate in all sectors. Technological advancements have been the sole reason for these changes. We have tools which are bringing us [Read More …]

Man’s Photo Ended In a Divorce Thanks To His Sharp Eye

Marriage is considered one of the most sacred ceremonies in one’s lifetime. A marriage cements the union between a man and a woman, representing the love and trust that should [Read More …]