General Hospital Spoilers That You Need to Know!

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All the fans of General Hospital can rejoice! We are going to provide you with the spoilers of the episodes of General Hospital. It can be guaranteed that General Hospital [Read More …]

Meek Mill Was Cyberbullied on Instagram, Was His Reaction Courageous?

meek mill and nicki minaj

Cyberbullying is a form of harassment that has risen to prominence in recent years; with many social networks such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram forming a big part in people’s [Read More …]

Funniest SmartphOWNed – SMS Can Get You in REAL Trouble

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In a recent survey, 78% of the respondents admitted they have sent an SMS to the wrong person. Obviously sending an intimate message to the wrong person can be very humiliating. [Read More …]

You’ll Be Shocked How Landon Brown, Bobby Brown’s Son, Looks Like! Hint: He’s HUGE

Landon Brown

Landon Brown is Bigger Than Ever, Literally Who is Landon Brown? For all you hip hop and R&B lovers, you are quite familiar with the name, Bobby Brown. Landon is [Read More …]

Meet your new President – Trump’s life in photos

Trump Family – Genes made of gold Fred Trump, the father of Donald Trump was a rich real estate businessman in New York. He had 5 children (in the picture). Donald, [Read More …]

What Is Vanessa Williams Net Worth?

vanessa williams net worth

The amazing Vanessa L. Williams had quite extraordinary life. From a young Afro-American raised in a white middle-class suburb of New York City, she became the first Afro-American Miss America [Read More …]

The Oldest Unchanged Webpages Reveal How Fast the Internet Has Developed

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The oldest unchanged webpages should be in a virtual museum. These abandoned websites show the incredible progress the internet has made in the last twenty years. Welcome to Netscape, One of The [Read More …]

Chicken Playing Piano Makes Millions Feel Stupid

So, it turns out our oft Kentucky Fried friends are smarter than we thought!

A First For Poultry: A Chicken Playing Piano It’s difficult being an artist these days. It seems like everything was already invented. But believe it or not, there are still [Read More …]

Don Knotts Last Words, What Were They?

Don Knotts Last Words

Jesse Donald “Don” Knotts was admired by many. His successful and inspiring life ended on February 24th, 2005. Many fans are curious to know what were Don Knotts Last Words. [Read More …]

Supporters of Trump Racist Code: Their Dictionary Is Decoded

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Twitter users discovered the existence of Supporters of Trump Racist Code. After researching the internet, BAEdaily’s team discovered the code and now their dictionary is decoded! The racist Trump supporters were [Read More …]