Gold Star Family Unexpectedly Booed on Flight

Gold Star Family pins

After receiving news of their son’s death, a Gold Star family was booed by first-class passengers on an American Airlines flight in route to gather their son’s remains. Stewart Perry, [Read More …]

Post-Election Leads to Reports of Violence Increase

Trump Protest Group - Reports of Violence from trump campaign

Since Donald Trump was selected as the president elect, reports of violence towards minorities have spiked, according to the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC). Richard Cohen, president of the SPLC [Read More …]

Why Is There Controversy Surrounding Brendan Dassey’s Release?

Brendan Dassey's Release - Justice At Last

For fans of the Netflix documentary, Making a Murderer, Brendan Dassey’s release from prison recently ordered may come as good news. In December last year, Making a Murderer, exploded with [Read More …]

Michael Bublé Suspends Career Following Devastating News

Michael Bublé suspends career

Michael Bublé suspends his career following news that his 3-year-old son Noah has been diagnosed with liver cancer. Bublé (41) and his wife, Luisana Lopilato (29) confirmed the news last [Read More …]

Easy, Breezy, Beautiful Is This Hijab-Wearing Muslim Model

hijab-wearing muslim model

Nura Afia will join the ranks of an easy, breezy, beautiful Covergirl, but unlike past cover models, she is the first hijab-wearing Muslim model. Afia, 24-year-old Denver native, is no [Read More …]

Is Vine Ending a Foreshadowing of the Future of Social Media?

Vine ending - Vine app screen with smartphone

With Vine ending, one has to wonder what this means for other social media startups. Initially, we were shocked by the news that Vine is ending, but then we realized we hardly [Read More …]

Woman’s Fart Starts Fire. This Trapped Gas is LIT!

surgeon in operation before woman's fart

Perhaps a woman’s fart really can be explosive. Pun intended. A female patient’s fart started a fire in a Japan hospital during surgery. The fire took place in Tokyo Medical [Read More …]

Video games? Children Prefer ‘Bottle Flipping’

group of water bottles for bottle flipping

That plastic water bottle you’ve been drinking from is now the latest form of entertainment for teens across America, known as bottle flipping. The art of bottle flipping is simple. Toss [Read More …]

Post Goes Viral in Response to “Just a Nurse”

Nurse holds baby

An Australian nurse’s social media post is going viral after she defended her occupation. Caitlin Brassington, who has been a nurse for 18 years, wrote a lengthy post in response [Read More …]

Target Pulling Clown Masks From Stores Across the US

scary clown masks

Target is pulling clown masks from their shelves just weeks before Halloween. The decision follows the recent creepy clown sightings that are plaguing the nation. On Monday, the discount retailer announced [Read More …]