Meet Asyraf, Influence Nation’s On The Rise Influencer

Asyraf on a bridge instagram

Asyraf Stuns World With Photography Asyraf is an Indonesian-born photographer currently based in Germany… or should we say everywhere? When he is not studying business psychology, he spends his free time [Read More …]

Jorella De Jesus Talks Life as a Professional Athlete

Jorella de Jesus’ claim to fame started back when she jumped for spikes and dived for success as a member of Ateneo de Manila’s renowned volleyball team and U23’s Philippine volleyball team. [Read More …]

‘Son’, Surf, & Sand: A Glimpse Into the Life of Influencer Chailee Son

Chailee Son, born and raised in Korea, moved to Vancouver, BC Canada where she started an Instagram account to share her selfies and travel adventures with her family and friends back home. [Read More …]

The “Hair Guy” Talks Fashion, Fame, and You Guessed It…Hair!

After receiving a modeling contract and leaving his career as a semi-professional football player (soccer here in the States ;P), Ahmet Kaplan was thrust into the limelight. Starting to post [Read More …]

Ian Elkins: Fashion’s Top Rising Model to Watch

Ian Elkins has completely taken the fashion industry and Instagram world by storm. Not only is he himself a complete work of art, but every piece of content he puts out is [Read More …]

Krissy Villongco On Stardom, Singing, and Social

Krissy Villongco

Krissy Villongco: YouTube Star Starting a YouTube channel almost a decade ago at the age of thirteen, Krissy Villongco began posting covers of her favorite songs, one of them reaching over [Read More …]

Influencer Spotlight: Roberto Portales

Roberto Portales is absolutely no stranger to the fitness and athletic lifestyle. Born and raised in sunny Tampa, he began playing sports at 4 years old and eventually focused on [Read More …]

Fofo Talks Fashion Faves

  More than just a fashion blogger, Fofo is also an MBA student working full-time as a financial advisor for a wealth management firm.  Her true title should be fashion [Read More …]

Maria’s Summer Beauty Hacks

Maria’s Beauty Bar was established in 2013 when Maria began to showcase her makeup tutorials and jaw dropping transformations on social media. As an already highly sought after makeup artist [Read More …]

Influencer Spotlight: Desthy Dee

Desthy Dee is most def feeling 22 as she is the epitome of “it girl”. With looks like Kylie and a body like Beyoncé, her fashion sense is just the [Read More …]