Bill Cosby: TV’s Favorite Dad Goes on Trial

Bill Cosby in jail

Bill Cosby, America’s favorite television dad is going on trial for sexual assault. It’s truly a sad time for the actor/comedian and for the millions of fans that have grown [Read More …]

A Sad End to “The Greatest Show on Earth”

End of ringling bros the greatest show on earth

After 146-years of entertaining, the Greatest Show on Earth will be shutting down for good. Ringling Bros. and Barnum Bailey Circus has had a spectacular run but has decided it’s time [Read More …]

Adopt a Rescue Animal or Start from Scratch

Adopt a Pet

Are the kids bugging you for a pet? They’ve reached the age where they can keep their rooms clean and take out the trash, and you believe now is the [Read More …]

Rompers for Men! This is a Joke Right?

rompers for men

Every year a new fashion trend emerges that makes people scratch their heads in wonder. This year designers thought it was a great idea to create rompers for men. No, [Read More …]

Allergy Season is in Full Swing: Aaachoo!

Allergy season

Allergy season is here. The sun’s in the sky and there’s plenty of water leaking from your eye. You’re sneezing, coughing and covered in red blotches and hives. Your eyes [Read More …]

Little League Parents: Are They Too Serious?

Little League Sports Parents Overkill

Little League sports are a right of passage for many kids from all walks of life. Parents can sign their kids up to keep them active or because their child [Read More …]

Barbecue Season is Upon Us! Get Your Tongs Ready!

barbecue season has begun

Everyone loves a barbecue. Great food. There’s nothing like getting together with friends and family and bonding over a love of meat. Whether you use charcoal or gas (yes, there [Read More …]

Cabin Fever? Here’s How to Beat It and Stay Sane

Cabin Fever

Cabin fever is hitting your home big time. We’re 1-½ months into winter and the groundhog has predicted six more weeks. Ahhhhh!!! Your entire family is going crazy and you [Read More …]

Valentine’s Day Sweet Treats For Everyone On Your Sweetheart List

Valentines Day Treats

5 Great Valentine’s Day Sweet Treats Ideas Sweet treats are on everyone’s list for Valentine’s Day this year. But you are perplexed as you search for a gift that is [Read More …]

Groundhog Day: Say What? Six More Weeks of Winter

Groundhog day star Punxatawney Phil saying we have more winter coming our way

Groundhog Day is here! It’s another one of those weird traditions where people believe someone or something (in this case a groundhog named Punxsutawney Phil) can predict when the winter [Read More …]