Doris Payne: 86 Year Old Jewel Thief Back At It Again

Jewel Thief Nabbed Once More

Doris Payne - 86 Year old Jewel Thief

Doris Payne loves bling. She loves it so much, the elderly jewel thief has spent the last six decades helping herself to it in various stores around the globe. At [Read More …]

Christmas Blues Got You Down? You Are Not Alone

Christmas blues got you down?

So it’s that time of year when everyone is jolly and merry. But not you. You are probably experiencing the Christmas blues. It is common for some people to not [Read More …]

Christmas Traditions We Can Do Without

Christmas traditions for kids

Christmas traditions turn even sane people into raving lunatics. The caroling, the jingling of bells… there are some things we could all do without. It’s not that people don’t have [Read More …]

Santa Claus, Do Kids Still Believe in Him?

Santa Claus, do kids still believe in him?

Santa Claus is coming to town. Or is he? In the year 2016, do kids still believe in him? It’s not like three decades ago when parents really made a huge [Read More …]

Live Performance Is It The New Norm?

Live performance of Hairspray.
Source: Rolling Stone.

A live performance of Hairspray debuted on NBC two days ago. While it was a refreshing change from the reality shows dominating the television airwaves lately, why are networks choosing [Read More …]

Overeating and Gorging During the Holidays

Why Can't We Back Away From the Table?

Overeating during the holidays.
Source: Esquire.

Overeating season is underway and many of us will be stuffing ourselves for the upcoming holidays. Why is it we can’t back away from the table during the joyous season? [Read More …]

Soap Operas: Are People Still Watching?

Not Just For Little Old Ladies

Weekly magazine for soap operas.
Source: Vampire Diaries Online.

Soap operas. Does anyone watch them anymore? Well, since there are still four of the original long runnings shows on the airwaves, the answer is yes. There used to be [Read More …]

Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade – What’s All the Fuss After 90 Years?

Parade Anyone?

Macy's Thanksgiving day parade

It’s parade time again! The annual Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade kicks off Thursday morning at 9 am. After 90 years it’s still going strong and some people are wondering what [Read More …]

Thanksgiving Dinner Traditional Style?

FYI Pilgrims and Native Americans Did Not Eat Turkey

First Thanksgiving with Native 
Americans and Pilgrims.
Source: Wikimedia Commons.

Craving a Thanksgiving dinner with a traditional flair? You’d be surprised to know that Native Americans and Pilgrims did not feast on turkey during their meal. There was no turkey, [Read More …]

Black Friday Fights Bring Out the Holiday Brawlers

Start the Holiday Season with a Fistfight

Black Friday Fights

With Thanksgiving nine days away, many people are eagerly awaiting Black Friday sales. But the Black Friday fights could be the thing that the day will be most remembered for. [Read More …]