Valentine’s Day Sweet Treats For Everyone On Your Sweetheart List

Valentines Day Treats

5 Great Valentine’s Day Sweet Treats Ideas Sweet treats are on everyone’s list for Valentine’s Day this year. But you are perplexed as you search for a gift that is [Read More …]

Groundhog Day: Say What? Six More Weeks of Winter

Groundhog day star Punxatawney Phil saying we have more winter coming our way

Groundhog Day is here! It’s another one of those weird traditions where people believe someone or something (in this case a groundhog named Punxsutawney Phil) can predict when the winter [Read More …]

Valentine’s Day Gift Giving Dos and Donts – Choose Wisely!

Valentine’s Day is upon us and every year there are a few people that can’t decide what to give to that special someone. While it is a good practice to [Read More …]

Birthday Celebration Time! We Can’t Wait.

Birthdays after 21

When you’re a kid, you look forward to your birthday each year. Oh, the excitement. There’s cake, presents and if you’re lucky, a party in your honor. No one seems [Read More …]

Dear Abby, I Have This Problem. Advice Please?

Dear Abby

Dear Abby, I have a serious problem, can you please help me? The long-running advice column has been around since 1956 and believe it or not, people are still writing to [Read More …]

Radio Listeners Are You Out There? DJ Play My Jam!

Radio is still alive and there are many listeners out there that still love to tune into their favorite station on their way to and from work. With so many [Read More …]

Warning Signs: Why Won’t People Listen?

Warning signs are everywhere. They are at the park, the mall, school and work. Our question is, why don’t people read them and follow the instructions? The time has come [Read More …]

You Are Not The Father! – Maury, Jerry Springer, and Trash TV

you are not the father maury trash tv

We have been watching them for years. Many of us don’t want to admit it, but we love to hear Maury say “You are not the father.” It’s not that [Read More …]

A Storm Is Coming to the South! Get To The Store Quick!

how southerners handle a snow storm

Snow Storm in the South! Now that winter is upon us, a snow storm is not an unusual occurrence. When the local news announces snow is on the way, northerners [Read More …]

New Year’s Resolutions: Does Anyone Still Make Them?

A new year has begun, and it’s time to do away with old habits and turn over a new leaf. Yes, we’re referring to New Year’s resolutions. Have you made [Read More …]