Lighting For Selfies Without Looking Like an Idiot

lighting for selfies

Many women have a dream. And not just one where all men are created equal. But a dream of beauty. A dream of being a model. A dream of living [Read More …]

10 Women Discuss Sex and Ken Kratz’s Voice

How would you react if you came across Ken Kratz on OkCupid?

a parody OKCupid dating profile page for Ken Kratz who calls himself the prize

Netflix’s Making A Murderer is full of mysteries including who killed Teresa Haibach. But another mystery has popped up on twitter and it’s this: if former District attorney Ken Kratz [Read More …]

Dole Packaged Salads Kill In Michigan

Deadly Dole Salad Rocks 23 states and Three Canadian Provinces

a picture of dole salad that has been recalled Listeria outbreak

Stopping Killer Salad A Class 1 Food Recall has been issued after the Centre for Disease Control discovered that Dole bagged salad from a processing plant in Springfield, Ohio has killed [Read More …]

Extreme Couponing Cutters Gone Wild

Organized Crime Coupon Cutting Trial Goes To Court

a coupon featuring a stack of 100 dollar bills and handcuffs on a white background

How extreme is your coupon cutting habit? If you’ve been inspired by TLC network’s Extreme Couponing and slashed your grocery bills by 80% by chasing weekly flyers and online deals then you know that coupon [Read More …]

5 Reasons Smart Women Fail At Online Dating

ATTENTION Smart And Confident Women: Read These 5 Tips To Solve Your Online Dating Problems Now!

a beautiful brunette woman is wearing glasses and looking at a macbook pro laptop while wearing a low-cut white blouse

Play the Dating Game & Keep Your Brains! Can a high IQ hurt your chances of meeting Mr. Right on an online dating website like OkCupid, or eHarmony? It [Read More …]

10 Most Underrated “Overrated” Celebrities

Don't Let Entertainment News Gossip Ruin These Mind Blowing Performances

Miley Cyrus wears red and gold channel

Stop the Gossip News! These Overated Celebs Actually Have Talent! Before you started reading all the entertainment news gossip and getting your hate on, these celebrities had something most people [Read More …]

5 Dangerous Foods to Avoid During Pregnancy

Quick Tips for A Healthy Pregnancy Diet

Congratulations if you have recently discovered that you are pregnant? So what can you really expect when you are expecting? Well for starters you can expect to get advice from [Read More …]

10 Boring Listicles That Will Blow Your Mind

Man watches paint dry

Okay we all love a listicle. What better way to be spoon fed bits of trivial information that would otherwise seem boring. But hey if we get two good points [Read More …]

Flip Your Immortality Switch On

Biotech Discovery Adds Decades To Lifespan IMPORTANT: Reading This Article May Actually Extend Your Life. Please read every single word carefully now! Some People Will Live Longer! Be Among Them! [Read More …]

10 Reasons To Attend Online College

Online College

Do you remember that recurring dream we all had in high school? You know, the one where you are supposed to be listening to a teacher drone on about the [Read More …]