Are You Prepared for the Inauguration Day Riots?

The inauguration is only a day away now and protesters have big plans for it.

riot police trump inauguration day riots

Everyone is in danger from the protests that are already being promised to occur on Friday January 20th, Trump’s inauguration day. These inauguration day riots are still a day away [Read More …]

Your Puppy Loves All the Baby Talk

It may irritate everyone else around you, but your puppy is learning more when you baby talk to it.

dogs and baby talk

Dogs LOVE Baby Talk! Everyone knows that dogs are man’s best friend. There is almost nothing that a dog can’t do to somehow enrich our lives. Perhaps this is why [Read More …]

Why Are There Boxing Day Fights in America?

This usual peaceful holiday had a rude awakening on Monday.

Boxing Day Fights

Unless you are from Canada or the UK, you may not know what Boxing Day is. It has nothing to do with sports and its not the new name for [Read More …]

Having a Woman Doctor May Save Your Life

If switching to a female doctor meant saving your life, would you do it?

Source: FreeStockPhotos

Over the years, trips to the doctor have always been marked with apprehension. While I don’t mind needles, it’s something about talking to the actual doctor that makes me anxious. [Read More …]

National Geographic Addresses a Revolution in New Issue

With January's first edition of the popular magazine, National Geographic is making pink waves.

National Geographic

The newest National Geographic issue is starting 2017 off with a bang! While you won’t be able to pick up your copy until next week, the cover is already being [Read More …]

New Beautiful Dinosaur Fossil Awes All

New amber fossil reveals how feathers looked on small dinosaurs.

Dinosaur Fossil

Imagine walking through an amber market. You’re looking at the hundreds of different samples that have been turned into jewelry or have been otherwise polished. Then you notice that one [Read More …]

London Killer Fog Mystery Finally Solved

For over 60 years no one knew what made this fog so deadly...until now.

London Killer fog

On December 5, 1952 a perfect storm descended over London. It was a particularly cold winter which caused residents to have their coal fireplaces going all day. The smog began [Read More …]

PepsiCo Wants Americans to be Healthy, Americans Disagree

PepsiCo thinks its time we pick something healthier than Cheetos, but consumers have something else in mind.

PepsiCo Healthy

More and more people are starting to realize how negative a high sugar and salt diet can be on the body. What they don’t realize though is how many healthier [Read More …]

Could We Be Heading Towards a Mass Extinction?

mass extinction event

In the history of Earth there have been five major mass extinctions. The last occurred 55 million years ago with four out of every five species going extinct. But, today, [Read More …]

Scott Pruitt for Head of EPA, Really?

The man who is suing EPA was just nominated to lead it.

scott pruitt

Scott Pruitt, the attorney general of Oklahoma, has been nominated to be the head of the Environmental Protection Agency. President elect Donald Trump nominated him earlier this week and is [Read More …]