2020 Olympics: New Events We Want to See

With the 2016 Summer Olympics wrapping up, everyone is beginning to look ahead to the 2020 Olympics. It is often speculated that perhaps new events might be added to the [Read More …]

What Other Games Will the Batman VR Game Inspire?

The new trailer for the Batman VR (or Virtual Reality) game has dropped and it has people talking. The preview doesn’t show much game play, mostly just excited users talking [Read More …]

Kardashian Selfie Secrets To Up Your Selfie Game

Kardashian Selfie Secrets

Kim Kardashian is known for her selfies. Her ability to contour those cheekbones, illuminate her face perfectly and use the perfect angles, it all makes everything look amazing. Is this witchcraft? Here [Read More …]

Back To School Memes: The Best and Funniest

As fast as it began, summer is already winding down. With this brings the end of summer vacation. Good for parents, bad for kids. The internet is filled to the [Read More …]

Does the USA Love Guns Too Much?

Ginny Thrasher has secured the first Gold Medal for the United States in the 10 meter air riffle event in the Rio Olympics. Her win has prompted a lot of [Read More …]

Pop Star Residencies in Vegas: Who is Next?

Las Vegas has always been known as a premiere gambling hot spot, but theses days, the pop star residencies are really stealing all the focus. These shows have been a [Read More …]

Was it Worth the Wait? The Cursed Child Hits Shelves

Harry Potter and the Cursed Child was finally released to eager Potter fans worldwide on July 31st 2016. Many stores held midnight release parties to celebrate the return of everyone’s [Read More …]

Flower Girl Mishap and Other Wedding Bloopers

wedding bloopers

This video of a Flower Girl mishap has been trending across the internet where a very young girl seemingly escapes and runs away in the middle of the romantic event. [Read More …]

The Best Comic News Out Of San Diego Comic Con

The biggest and probably the most well known of all the conventions happened this weekend, with San Diego Comic Con bringing in crowds of over 100,000 and all the most [Read More …]

What People Put in Their Carry-On Bags is Ridiculous

random luggage

There are many reasons why flights have restrictions on Carry-on Bags. Safety, environmental concerns, weight, and many other things that are considered when the rules are designed. However, people tend [Read More …]