Students Uses Oxford University Rejection Letter as Art

Oxford University rejection letter art crop

When life gives you lemons, you have no choice but to make lemonade.  In the case of UK teenager Claudia Vulliamy, she chose to make abstract art. The young college [Read More …]

These Photos Were Taken to SHOCK You! Feeling Courageous?

In our modern days, with the boundless, troll-filled internet and the terrible news that flickers on our TV screens, it’s not easy to shock people anymore. However these photos were [Read More …]

Can Money Buy Good Teeth? Celebs With Bad Teeth That Better Not Smile With An Open Mouth

Celebs with bad teeth

People in today’s world believe that they can purchase anything for money. But when it comes to reality, there are things that you can purchase for money and some you [Read More …]

25 Unbelievable “When You See It” Moments

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Meet your new President – Trump’s life in photos

Trump Family – Genes made of gold Fred Trump, the father of Donald Trump was a rich real estate businessman in New York. He had 5 children (in the picture). Donald, [Read More …]

34 Awkward Celebrity Prom Photos That Will Make You Cringe

Celebrity Prom Photos Are Cringe-worthy, Too! High school prom is one of the happiest and most celebrated times of our lives. With the days of sitting in a classroom for [Read More …]

24 Terrifying Photos That Could Only Have Come From Australia!

Terror Australis!

Terror Australis Featured Image

Ahh, Australia. The home of kangaroos, coral reefs, and Iggy Azalea, Australia is one of the most beautiful countries in the world. It’s also a surfer’s paradise, and is home [Read More …]

23 U.S. Presidents And Presidential Hopefuls Ranked By IQ Score

For kids growing up in the United States, aspirations of becoming president ranks somewhere in the top five dream jobs along with a firefighter, doctor and, of course, a ninja. [Read More …]

Julia Stiles Transgender Rumors – Are They True?

Is Julia Stiles transgender? Rumors have said that Julia Stiles may actually be, which is quite a bold statement to make. We have some transgender celebrities these days, but it’s [Read More …]

Game of Thrones’ Women Are Even More Beautiful in Real Life

The Game of Thrones Women are some of the most gorgeous ladies to ever set foot in Westeros and Essos, but looking at the actresses who play them, you’d have [Read More …]