Interview Tips for a Work at Home Job


You might be interested in working from home. A lot of people are. There are tons of job listings online from companies that are pretty much always hiring. But once [Read More …]

Tips to Travel More Often, Cheaply


You may be interested in being able to travel more. It can be expensive for the average person to take a vacation, but some people seem to do it all [Read More …]

BrewDog Gives Employees Paid Puppy Leave

New move is part of beer company's mission to become the best company to work for

Pawternity Leave - Paid Puppy Leave

“Paw-ternity” Leave – Paid Puppy Leave Forget about paid maternity leave. A Scottish beer company now gives its employees “paw-ternity” leave. In other words, paid puppy leave! You heard that right. [Read More …]

Robot Barista Serves Coffee in San Francisco

Meet Gordon, the robotic barista who delivers your coffee faster and more effectively

Robot Barista Cafe X by Henry Hu in San Francisco

Spelling Mistake Rates Fall Dramatically With Introduction of Robot Barista When Henry Hu saw robots building cars at the Volkswagen factory in Germany, he thought of a new way to [Read More …]

Saving Money by Cutting Your Budget


Are you scraping to get by each month? Do you need money for an unexpected expense and you aren’t sure where it’s going to come from? One way to have [Read More …]

Banana Republic President Out As Troubles Continue

banana republic in trouble

The traditional retail industry as we know it is in trouble.  In 2016 alone, several brands like Aeropostale and American Apparel filed for bankruptcy.  The Limited is 2017’s first casualty [Read More …]

Trying to Save Money? Have a No Spend Weekend!

no spend weekend

Have a No Spend Weekend And Save a Ton of Money! Are you struggling to get by and living paycheck to paycheck? Have you found yourself stranded in an emergency [Read More …]

The Best Tips for Working From Home

working from home tips

Working from home is a dream for many. Being a freelancer still comes with challenges. Want to know the best tips for working from home? Here are some strategies that [Read More …]

Marissa Mayer Set to Leave Yahoo! Board Amid Troubles

Marissa Mayer Yahoo exit

Marissa Mayer was the toast of Silicon Valley.  She initially solidified her place in history as Google’s first female engineer.  She then went on to become the president and CEO [Read More …]

Can Department Stores Compete With Online Retailers?

Reports show slumping sales

Macys Department Stores, New York

Major department stores including Macy’s and Kohl’s showed disappointing holiday sales this year. This signals that they may be losing the battle to online outlets like Amazon. Overall holiday sales [Read More …]