$400k Car Gets K.O’d! Lamborghini Car Accident In Vancouver Sparks Anger

lamborghini car accident

A Lamborghini car accident that happened in downtown Vancouver went viral on social media. This is not surprising since Lamborghini Aventador is one of the most expensive cars in the world and [Read More …]

Fly Now, Pay Later Flights: Too Good to Be True?


Businesses are hearing Millennials loud and clear when they say that they do not want to use credit cards. The generation that is responsible for Uber, Airbnb, and countless other changes [Read More …]

World’s Richest Animals That Make Millionaires Look POOR

Some animals are more equal than others…

world's richest animals

As they say, “Money makes the world go round.” Naturally, some are blessed with much more than others, that’s simply the nature of the beast. Speaking of beasts, these critters [Read More …]

Four of the Craziest Purchases of the Ultra Rich!

This is how the richest guys around spend their fortunes.

Rich things

What would you do if you had millions to burn? Would you buy designer clothes? A sports car? Would you hire maids to attend to your every need? Here is [Read More …]

Pack Your Bags! Here Are The World’s Top 10 Most Liveable Cities

Does your city make the cut?


Don’t we all want to live in the best cities that provide us the best possibilities for professional careers, entertainment and culture, food, and a good quality of life in [Read More …]

Saving Money – Learn From The Rich


What is your plan for saving money? How much money do you save for unexpected expenses such as vehicle damage or household repairs or even for a comfortable, yet unforeseeable [Read More …]

These Jobs Will Get You To See The World For Free!


Travel Best Bets: How to See the World for Free! Traveling is expensive, or is it? If you have a traveler’s soul, you might want to consider a career change, because these jobs [Read More …]

Studies Show: Millennials Save Money Better Than Their Parents!

Millennials Saving Money

It looks like all those lectures, classes, and punishments are paying off. Millennials are said to be doing well when it comes to financial matters. Doing well does not mean [Read More …]

SeekingArrangement.com – Morally Wrong, Economically Right?


Seeking Arrangement connects young women (sugar babes) with older wealthy men (sugar daddies) to create a relationship, or an arrangement, based on one of the oldest barters in history: wealth for sex. Seeking [Read More …]

The Most Expensive Vodkas in the World, Some Of Them Cost Millions!


Some people can’t resist the urge to make a statement validating their taste, wealth, power, and style. Fortunately for them, the world will always have something to offer. Just like every other [Read More …]