PepsiCo Wants Americans to be Healthy, Americans Disagree

PepsiCo thinks its time we pick something healthier than Cheetos, but consumers have something else in mind.

PepsiCo Healthy

More and more people are starting to realize how negative a high sugar and salt diet can be on the body. What they don’t realize though is how many healthier [Read More …]

Scott Pruitt for Head of EPA, Really?

The man who is suing EPA was just nominated to lead it.

scott pruitt

Scott Pruitt, the attorney general of Oklahoma, has been nominated to be the head of the Environmental Protection Agency. President elect Donald Trump nominated him earlier this week and is [Read More …]

Starbucks Changes – Big Things Are Coming

The company plans to add 12,000 stores and bring in a new CEO

Source: Wikimedia Commons

While it might seem like Starbucks is already everywhere you go, the company recently announced plans to add even more stores over the next few years. And now, they’ll have [Read More …]

FACT Goldschläger is an alcohol with real gold in it! The effect? BOOM!!

fact goldschlager

Originating in Switzerland, Goldschläger is a cinnamon schnapps which packs a mighty 43.5% alcohol by volume (Interesting fact Goldschläger actually reduced from the original amount of 53.5%!). Goldschläger is now produced [Read More …]

Pepsi Reducing Sugar Because of Declining Sugar Consumption

Pepsi Reducing sugar

PepsiCo recently announced that it is changing its beverages in a big way over the next few years. By 2025, two-thirds of its beverages — from soda to Gatorade to [Read More …]

$400k Car Gets K.O’d! Lamborghini Car Accident In Vancouver Sparks Anger

lamborghini car accident

A Lamborghini car accident that happened in downtown Vancouver went viral on social media. This is not surprising since Lamborghini Aventador is one of the most expensive cars in the world and [Read More …]

Fly Now, Pay Later Flights: Too Good to Be True?


Businesses are hearing Millennials loud and clear when they say that they do not want to use credit cards. The generation that is responsible for Uber, Airbnb, and countless other changes [Read More …]

World’s Richest Animals That Make Millionaires Look POOR

Some animals are more equal than others…

world's richest animals

As they say, “Money makes the world go round.” Naturally, some are blessed with much more than others, that’s simply the nature of the beast. Speaking of beasts, these critters [Read More …]

Four of the Craziest Purchases of the Ultra Rich!

This is how the richest guys around spend their fortunes.

Rich things

What would you do if you had millions to burn? Would you buy designer clothes? A sports car? Would you hire maids to attend to your every need? Here is [Read More …]

10 Billionaires Who Started Out With Nothing


Who doesn’t love a good rags-to-riches story? Most of us dream of a day where we can relax in the lap of luxury.  But most of us also expect to [Read More …]