Should Cable TV Be a Thing of the Past?

More and more viewers are turning to subscription streaming services

Silhouette of man watching cable tv

With the price of cable TV rising year after year, it’s no wonder that the question on many American’s lips is: When can I finally ditch my cable? The figurative [Read More …]

23 Things to Know about Eden Stiles AKA Brandi Rhodes

Eden Stiles AKA Brandi Rhodes AKA Brandi Runnels AKA Brandi Reed WWE Superstar Diva 2000

Eden Stiles, also known as Brandi Rhodes or Brandi Runnels, is well-known in the wrestling industry since she is multi-talented and made heads turn with her strength, beauty, and goal-oriented [Read More …]

Eat Cheap on a Budget – Food Tips for Students

How students can minimize cost on their grocery lists

a student stands in a dimly lit grocery aisle trying to eat cheap

Food. It’s pretty important, right? Especially for the overworked, stressed post-secondary student trying to eat cheap as they squeeze out a thousand more words for that essay due tomorrow. Unfortunately [Read More …]

Read This Before You Order a McDonald’s Extra Value Meal

McDonald's Extra Value Meal Controversy

Sure, a McDonald’s Extra Value Meal sounds like a great deal, but is it really? One Illinois man did the math – and McDonald’s may not be so happy with [Read More …]

Internet Loans For Millennials: Exciting Opportunity or Waste of Money?

Internet loans for millennials

For all you millennials, we get it. The rising cost of tuition. The increased prices on housing. Loan sharks taking more interest percentage points than you can count on your [Read More …]

Big Name Stores Accused of Fake Discounts

Kohl’s, Macy’s, JCPenney, Sears named in California lawsuit

Source: Wikimedia Commons

If you see a price that’s too good to be true, it probably is. And, it might be against the law, too. Los Angeles City Attorney Mike Feuer is suing [Read More …]

PepsiCo Wants Americans to be Healthy, Americans Disagree

PepsiCo thinks its time we pick something healthier than Cheetos, but consumers have something else in mind.

PepsiCo Healthy

More and more people are starting to realize how negative a high sugar and salt diet can be on the body. What they don’t realize though is how many healthier [Read More …]

Scott Pruitt for Head of EPA, Really?

The man who is suing EPA was just nominated to lead it.

scott pruitt

Scott Pruitt, the attorney general of Oklahoma, has been nominated to be the head of the Environmental Protection Agency. President elect Donald Trump nominated him earlier this week and is [Read More …]

Starbucks Changes – Big Things Are Coming

The company plans to add 12,000 stores and bring in a new CEO

Source: Wikimedia Commons

While it might seem like Starbucks is already everywhere you go, the company recently announced plans to add even more stores over the next few years. And now, they’ll have [Read More …]

FACT Goldschläger is an alcohol with real gold in it! The effect? BOOM!!

fact goldschlager

Originating in Switzerland, Goldschläger is a cinnamon schnapps which packs a mighty 43.5% alcohol by volume (Interesting fact Goldschläger actually reduced from the original amount of 53.5%!). Goldschläger is now produced [Read More …]