Can Department Stores Compete With Online Retailers?

Reports show slumping sales

Macys Department Stores, New York

Major department stores including Macy’s and Kohl’s showed disappointing holiday sales this year. This signals that they may be losing the battle to online outlets like Amazon. Overall holiday sales [Read More …]

Eat Cheap on a Budget – Food Tips for Students

How students can minimize cost on their grocery lists

a student stands in a dimly lit grocery aisle trying to eat cheap

Food. It’s pretty important, right? Especially for the overworked, stressed post-secondary student trying to eat cheap as they squeeze out a thousand more words for that essay due tomorrow. Unfortunately [Read More …]

Doris Payne: 86 Year Old Jewel Thief Back At It Again

Jewel Thief Nabbed Once More

Doris Payne - 86 Year old Jewel Thief

Doris Payne loves bling. She loves it so much, the elderly jewel thief has spent the last six decades helping herself to it in various stores around the globe. At [Read More …]

How to Win: Black Friday Tech Deals 2016

black friday tech deals banner

Black Friday in Your Area Black Friday — one the of most celebrated American “holidays” every year — is sure to be just as big in 2016 as it has been since the [Read More …]

Black Friday Fights Bring Out the Holiday Brawlers

Start the Holiday Season with a Fistfight

Black Friday Fights

With Thanksgiving nine days away, many people are eagerly awaiting Black Friday sales. But the Black Friday fights could be the thing that the day will be most remembered for. [Read More …]

What Are Disneyland Photopass Pros and Cons?

Disneyland Photopass Pros and Cons

The old-new product of Disney, Disneyland Photopass, is getting trendy. What are Disneyland Photopass Pros and Cons? We investigated this question! Have you been planning a trip to Disneyland for the [Read More …]

Black Friday Coming To Us Too Soon? What Deals Are There?

Amazon is offering Black Friday deals just hours after Halloween.

Black Friday sale

Black Friday in Your Area Each year Black Friday seems to be creeping into our lives sooner and sooner. This year Halloween was barely over before the first Black Friday [Read More …]

Haircut Discount for Kids Who Read to the Barber

A Cut Above the Rest

Kid looking nonchalant as hair is being cut by a female hairdresser. Kids like this can get a haircut discount by reading to the barber.

At Fuller Cut barbershop, kids can get many speciality haircuts. Everything from fades to mohawks are offered. But something sets this barbershop apart from the rest. Youngsters get a haircut discount if [Read More …]

Walmart Holiday Toy List Will Have Your Kids BEGGING!

Ready. Set. Shop!

walmart holiday toy list will have your kids begging

September 1st is the day that people start getting excited for the holiday seasons that are right around the corner. Not only did Starbucks release the pumpkin spice latte already, [Read More …]

Best Online Back to School Sales


Families around the country are getting ready to head back to school in the next few weeks. What does that mean? Back to school sales.  Between new clothes, backpacks and [Read More …]