Ways to Save Money on Everyday Things

save money shopping cart

In times of economic uncertainty, it’s important to save money.  Every penny counts, and it’s easy to cut unnecessary things.  You probably don’t need Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon Prime accounts.  [Read More …]

The Best Hacks for Shopping Online

shopping online

Do you love shopping online? Does filling your cart and clicking submit make you weak in the knees? Here are some tips to maximize your savings when shopping online. Hacks [Read More …]

Tips to Travel More Often, Cheaply


You may be interested in being able to travel more. It can be expensive for the average person to take a vacation, but some people seem to do it all [Read More …]

Saving Money by Cutting Your Budget


Are you scraping to get by each month? Do you need money for an unexpected expense and you aren’t sure where it’s going to come from? One way to have [Read More …]

Trying to Save Money? Have a No Spend Weekend!

no spend weekend

Have a No Spend Weekend And Save a Ton of Money! Are you struggling to get by and living paycheck to paycheck? Have you found yourself stranded in an emergency [Read More …]

Tricks for Amazon Shopping: Finding the Best Deals

tricks for Amazon shopping

The Best Tricks for Amazon Shopping Everyone who shops online loves Amazon. You can find anything that you could possibly need, at very low prices. I even buy my parrot’s food [Read More …]

Can Department Stores Compete With Online Retailers?

Reports show slumping sales

Macys Department Stores, New York

Major department stores including Macy’s and Kohl’s showed disappointing holiday sales this year. This signals that they may be losing the battle to online outlets like Amazon. Overall holiday sales [Read More …]

Eat Cheap on a Budget – Food Tips for Students

How students can minimize cost on their grocery lists

a student stands in a dimly lit grocery aisle trying to eat cheap

Food. It’s pretty important, right? Especially for the overworked, stressed post-secondary student trying to eat cheap as they squeeze out a thousand more words for that essay due tomorrow. Unfortunately [Read More …]

Doris Payne: 86 Year Old Jewel Thief Back At It Again

Jewel Thief Nabbed Once More

Doris Payne - 86 Year old Jewel Thief

Doris Payne loves bling. She loves it so much, the elderly jewel thief has spent the last six decades helping herself to it in various stores around the globe. At [Read More …]

How to Win: Black Friday Tech Deals 2016

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Black Friday in Your Area Black Friday — one the of most celebrated American “holidays” every year — is sure to be just as big in 2016 as it has been since the [Read More …]