Classic Monopoly Tokens Get Upgrade

Boot, wheelbarrow, and thimble on their way out

Monopoly tokens getting an overhaul

Remember when you used to play Monopoly as a kid? The games usually ended up lasting about three hours, if you were lucky. By the end of those three hours, [Read More …]

Breath of the Wild – A Comprehensive Update

Breath of the Wild panorama

What Exactly is Breath of the Wild? On January 13th, Nintendo held a massive event that they had been publicizing for weeks. The focus? Nintendo’s new combination console, The Switch, [Read More …]

Pinball is Legal in Indiana, After 61 Years

Pinball is legal in Indiana

It’s official: pinball is legal in Kokomo, Indiana. Wait, it was illegal? Last week, Mayor Greg Goodnight lifted the city’s ban on pinball that has been in place since 1955. [Read More …]

Will Super Mario Run be a Game Changer for Nintendo?

Running Out of Luck

Nintendo's Super Mario Run featured design.

Nintendo has hit a bit of a snag lately. While Sony’s PlayStation 4 and Microsoft’s XBox One are selling in record numbers, Nintendo’s Wii U isn’t faring as well. However, [Read More …]

Black Ops 4 Rumors? What We Know So Far

What do we know about the next Call of Duty title?

Source: Wikimedia Commons

Gamers all over the world are discussing Black Ops 4 Rumors. For anyone that is not familiar with the first-person shooter genre that is widely available and popular on many [Read More …]

Scientists Have Found There Are 9 Types of Intelligence, Which One Are You?

Every person fits into at least one category of intelligence!

types of intelligence

Howard Gardner, a Harvard developmental psychologist, has made the famous claim that there are 9 types of intelligence out there, and that everyone falls into at least one category. Think [Read More …]

Eevee Build-A-Bear: Gotta Build Em All

Eevee is now available to bring home.

Eevee build-a-bear

Build-A-Bear has released its newest member to the crew, perhaps with a bit of help from the success of Pokemon Go. Earlier this year they began offering Pikachu, and now [Read More …]

What Other Games Will the Batman VR Game Inspire?


The new trailer for the Batman VR (or Virtual Reality) game has dropped and it has people talking. The preview doesn’t show much game play, mostly just excited users talking [Read More …]

Saudi Arabian Pokemon Go Ban Is A Hoax!

The Fatwa is FALSE!


The Rumors Are Wrong… For Now… Up until today, media speculation on a Saudi Arabian Pokemon Go ban has been strong. But it’s false. In a statement by the Ministry of [Read More …]

Pokemon Go With Hoverboards: Now Without Exercise!

All you need is a hoverboard voucher in Cerulean City!

pokemon bike

As we all know, Pokemon Go is taking the world by storm. Remember what took the world by storm in 2015? Hoverboards. Two-wheeled self-balancing scooters that were less dorky than [Read More …]