Eevee Build-A-Bear: Gotta Build Em All

Eevee is now available to bring home.

Build-A-Bear has released its newest member to the crew, perhaps with a bit of help from the success of Pokemon Go. Earlier this year they began offering Pikachu, and now a new Pokemon has joined the ranks. It’s the Eevee Build-A-Bear.

At Build-A-Bear, you can create your new friend, complete with a voice box and clothing. Two outfits were designed exclusively for each of these new Pokemon plushes. Pikachu has two hoodies that you can choose from, the Pokeball themed one being the cutest. For now, Eevee is a bit more exclusive than its Pikachu counterpart.


Eevee Build-A-Bear Revealed

Eevee was unveiled yesterday as the company announced that it would be available online first and in stores later. The Eevee Build-A-Bear had already sold out online this morning, its online exclusiveness driving its sales. When ordered online, your Eevee doll can come with an exclusive cape, voice box, trading card, and onesie.

But the big question is: How much does it cost? And is it worth it?