Saudi Arabian Pokemon Go Ban Is A Hoax!

The Fatwa is FALSE!

The Rumors Are Wrong… For Now… Up until today, media speculation on a Saudi Arabian Pokemon Go ban has been strong. But it’s false. In a statement by the Ministry of [Read More …]

Pokemon Go With Hoverboards: Now Without Exercise!

All you need is a hoverboard voucher in Cerulean City!

pokemon bike

As we all know, Pokemon Go is taking the world by storm. Remember what took the world by storm in 2015? Hoverboards. Two-wheeled self-balancing scooters that were less dorky than [Read More …]

Funniest Pokemon Go Memes

From the beginning, Pokemon Go swept the nation with its nostalgia, interactive gameplay, and most importantly, addiction! When we were kids, catching Pokemon, conquering gyms, and hunting for that ever-elusive [Read More …]

Pokemon Go Player Falls Into a Pond

Our advice: don't throw the game, throw Pokeballs instead!

This Week’s Fail: Pokemon Go Player Falls Into a Pond Looks like Gragas is blasting off again! A video where a Pokemon Go player falls into a pond has surfaced recently. [Read More …]

New Injustice 2 Characters We Really Want to See

The trailer for Injustice 2 has been released which you can watch here. You get a small glimpse of some of the characters who were in the first game who [Read More …]

Fallout 4 DLC, Automatron – An Upgrade Or A Downgrade?

fallout 4 dlc atomatron logo

Fallout 4 DLC is a comprehensive game that has enough content to keep a creative gamer enthralled for hours on end. Due the Bethesda’s reputation to woo its audience, the [Read More …]

Horror Masterpiece Layers of Fear Announced For PS4

Launch date for PS4 Horror Masterpiece Set

a painting of an evil undead creature in blooper team's layers of fear

PS4 users can brace themselves for a horrific experience as horror game developer Bloober Team have announced that Layers of Fear will launch February 16th. The psychedelic Victorian Era game allows [Read More …]