Trump Saturday Night Live Feud Continues

Trump Saturday Night Live Feud - SNL Feud

From Phil Hartman’s Ronald Reagan to Darrell Hammond’s Bill Clinton, political satire has been a fixture on Saturday Night Live since the show’s beginning. In the era of Donald Trump, [Read More …]

Jon Sudano Covers Take The World By Storm

Hey now, you're an all-star!

Jon Sudano All-Star Vocal Covers on Youtube

The next viral sensation is here. It’s not an advice animal, it’s not a middle aged Korean rapper, and it’s not another stupid cat video. It’s a 25 year old [Read More …]

The Most Unusual Weddings of All Time!

You won't believe these brides and grooms!

most unusual weddings

Let’s face it, going to weddings can be a drag. From the travel, to the expense, to the questionable food, to the awkward interactions with distant cousins— these events are [Read More …]

Funniest SmartphOWNed – SMS Can Get You in REAL Trouble

funniest SmartphOWNed

In a recent survey, 78% of the respondents admitted they have sent an SMS to the wrong person. Obviously sending an intimate message to the wrong person can be very humiliating. [Read More …]

No One Can Agree on the Color of These Sandals

The answer is more complicated than you may think!

Havaiana sandals on rack

For all of those who remember the infamous white and gold/black and blue dress Twitter argument of last year, there is a new color combination up for debate on the [Read More …]

The 8 Most Ridiculous Olympic Sports Ever

ridiculous olympic sports

The Olympics is not a small feat. It is the ultimate goal in sports. Athletes train all their lives to be Olympians. That said, there are some Ridiculous Olympic Sports [Read More …]

Mannequin Challenge Viral Video Trend Sweeps the Nation

You wouldn't believe just how many celebrities have uploaded their own versions!

Source: Youtube

We are now currently in the midst of yet another viral trend that is sweeping the nation. Forget about the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge, these days everyone from big stars [Read More …]

25 Unbelievable “When You See It” Moments


When You See It… Think you have a good eye? Challenge yourself! Here are some crazy, creepy, and sometimes hilarious when you see it moments. Can you spot them all? [Read More …]

Check These Hilarious Tattoo Fails!

hilarious tattoo fails

Tattoo has always been popular among people from various generations, age groups, and backgrounds but sometimes they can become hilarious tattoo fails. Tattoos are permanently inked on to the body. [Read More …]

Woman’s Fart Starts Fire. This Trapped Gas is LIT!

surgeon in operation before woman's fart

Perhaps a woman’s fart really can be explosive. Pun intended. A female patient’s fart started a fire in a Japan hospital during surgery. The fire took place in Tokyo Medical [Read More …]