5 Reasons We Wish Star Wars Was Real

From Land Speeders to Princess Leia's buns, there are a lot of reasons we wish we lived in the Star Wars universe.

Star Wars was Real

Star Wars fans across the globe celebrated May the Fourth this year (I saw a guy with a light-saber leading a group of high-school-age kids down the street, and I [Read More …]

Part-Time Nerd Dissects Viral Star Wars Parody of BBC Interview

Droids barge into Darth Vader's BBC interview with Emperor Palpatine

If you liked the viral video of Robert E. Kelley’s children barging into his interview on BBC (if you haven’t seen it, you have to see it, it’s adorable and [Read More …]

Upcoming Eerie Netflix Original – Casting JonBenet

The Unsolved Murder America Can't Forget

Casting JonBenet Ramsey on Netflix, which chronicles the murder of JonBenet Ramsey through a fake movie casting

If you liked the Netflix docudrama Making a Murderer or the FX series The People vs. O.J. Simpson, this next big Netflix Original release on April 28th, 2017 will engross you [Read More …]

Kids Crashing Newscasts – The Cutest Thing Ever!

Park Geun Hye ousted - Children

After the 2016 election, we all know that news coverage is getting really dreary. Many people do not want to watch the news anymore. Seeing the world descend ever closer [Read More …]

Black Ruby – First Feature Film Shot with iPhone 7 – Ave Fenix Pictures

Emotional, funny and impressive — Black Ruby is the first feature film shot using only an iPhone 7. 

Monica Esmeralda Leon and Ave Fenix Pictures presents Black Ruby, the First Feature Film Shot with an iPhone 7

Black Ruby is the first feature film to be shot with the iPhone 7. A movie that is a rare actor’s piece, a throwback film that feels retro and dark [Read More …]

Real-life Star Wars Planet Tatooine Discovered by Scientists

Tatooine discovered by scientists

It seems George Lucas had something more than just entertainment going on all those years ago when he created the Star Wars saga. A short time ago in a galaxy close [Read More …]

Bill Nye’s New Show Debuting on Netflix in April

Bill! Bill! Bill! Bill! Bill!

Bill Nye comeback

The classic children’s television show, Bill Nye the Science Guy, has been off the air since 1998. Its usage in schools often caused a riotous response. Whenever the TV cart [Read More …]

Guy Hand-sews Beauty and the Beast Dress for his Girlfriend

23-year-old graduate student recreated Belle's ball gown as part of his marriage proposal

When Cara Szymanski, 24, told her boyfriend that she loved Beauty and the Beast, she couldn’t have predicted that he’d hand-sew Belle’s yellow ballgown as part of his marriage proposal – especially since [Read More …]

Emma Watson Prefers Belle to Cinderella

In new interview, actress reveals why she turned down previous Disney princess role

Emma Watson with Beauty and the Beast and Cinderella Posters

Emma Watson in Beauty and the Beast You might have seen photos of Emma Watson hiding feminist books on the London Underground a few months back. Now the 26-year-old Harry [Read More …]

General Hospital Spoilers That You Need to Know!

General Hospital Spoilers logo

All the fans of General Hospital can rejoice! We are going to provide you with the spoilers of the episodes of General Hospital. It can be guaranteed that General Hospital [Read More …]