Live Performance Is It The New Norm?

Live performance of Hairspray.
Source: Rolling Stone.

A live performance of Hairspray debuted on NBC two days ago. While it was a refreshing change from the reality shows dominating the television airwaves lately, why are networks choosing [Read More …]

Trump Saturday Night Live Feud Continues

Trump Saturday Night Live Feud - SNL Feud

From Phil Hartman’s Ronald Reagan to Darrell Hammond’s Bill Clinton, political satire has been a fixture on Saturday Night Live since the show’s beginning. In the era of Donald Trump, [Read More …]

The Soup Nazi is Donating Soup To Soup Kitchens

Soup Nazi donates soup to homeless

Just in time for Christmas. Or should we say, Festivus! The Soup Nazi has gotten a little nicer this holiday season. Get out the aluminum poles, everyone, it’s a Festivus [Read More …]

Who is Harrison Ford’s Son, Malcolm Ford?

And what are "The Dough Rollers"?

Malcolm Ford, Harrison Ford's Son

Harrison Ford’s Son – Malcolm Ford Everybody knows Harrison Ford. He starred in films such as Star Wars, Indiana Jones, Blade Runner, and The Fugitive are a few of the [Read More …]

Netflix and … Download? Netflix Announces Downloadable Movies

Company launches offline viewing

netflix on an ipad

The days of waiting for Netflix to stream on a plane or anywhere else with slow Wi-Fi are over. The company announced this week that it will make some of [Read More …]

Soap Operas: Are People Still Watching?

Not Just For Little Old Ladies

Weekly magazine for soap operas.
Source: Vampire Diaries Online.

Soap operas. Does anyone watch them anymore? Well, since there are still four of the original long runnings shows on the airwaves, the answer is yes. There used to be [Read More …]

Where is Danny Bonaduce Now? Or Should We Say, Danny Partridge?

Danny Bonaduce playing Danny Partridge in The Partridge Family TV show

The famous child actor, Danny Bonaduce, was well known for his roles in shows such as The Partridge Family. Along with David Cassidy and Shirley Jones, the show was immensely popular, [Read More …]

You’ll Laugh When You Know the REAL Reason the R&B Divas Show Ended

r&b Divas show ended

It was aired on TV One in 2012. It became a big hit among fans when suddenly the R&B Divas show ended. The show’s biggest star Keke Wyatt became popular and [Read More …]

Criminal Minds Cast Rumors You Should Know

criminal minds cast rumours

The Most Interesting Criminal Minds Cast Rumors Criminal Minds is an American procedural crime drama television series that premiered on September 22nd, 2005. Ending its 11th season on May 4th [Read More …]

Why Is There Controversy Surrounding Brendan Dassey’s Release?

Brendan Dassey's Release - Justice At Last

For fans of the Netflix documentary, Making a Murderer, Brendan Dassey’s release from prison recently ordered may come as good news. In December last year, Making a Murderer, exploded with [Read More …]