Harambe Cheeto Sells for $100,000 on eBay

Dicks are still out!

Harambe Cheeto on eBay fetches $100,000

Sometimes, money can’t buy happiness. But it can buy you a place in meme history. Recently, an eBay user bid nearly $100,000 for… wait for it… a cheeto. Yes, you [Read More …]

Julia Silge Couldn’t Reach Senator, Sends Ham and Pineapple Pizza Instead

Silge was concerned about Trump's pick for education secretary, and she wanted her senator to know it

Julia Silge Sends Senator a Pizza (Orrin G. Hatch)

A Gift For Senator Orrin Hatch – Ham and Pineapple Pizza Julia Silge just couldn’t get through to her senator. A Utah resident in her thirties, Silge had concerns about [Read More …]

Not So Memorable Super Bowl Commercials

Usually the commercials during the Super Bowl are funny but this year they seemed to take a more political hue.

Super Bowl Commercials

Everyone can agree that Super Bowl VI was absolutely amazing. The ups and downs had both fan bases screaming and crying. The best thing about this clash of manliness though [Read More …]

The Story of Batman Bin Suparman – Was He Released From Prison?

Batman Bin Suparman Released From Prison

Some of us weren’t happy with what our parents named us. Though the most oddball name award would probably have to go to Batman Bin Suparman. Achieving internet notoriety in [Read More …]

Groundhog Day: Say What? Six More Weeks of Winter

Groundhog day star Punxatawney Phil saying we have more winter coming our way

Groundhog Day is here! It’s another one of those weird traditions where people believe someone or something (in this case a groundhog named Punxsutawney Phil) can predict when the winter [Read More …]

Valentine’s Day Gift Giving Dos and Donts – Choose Wisely!

Some people give the worst Valentine's Day gifts!
Source: Surburban Turmoil.

Valentine’s Day is upon us and every year there are a few people that can’t decide what to give to that special someone. While it is a good practice to [Read More …]

Heinz Wants to Make Super Bowl Monday a Holiday

Heinz gives employees the day off and is campaigning to make February 6 a National Holiday

Source: Pixabay

The Worst Work Day of the Year For many sports fans, Super Bowl Monday is a terrible day. It’s the day after the biggest game of the year, when, whether [Read More …]

Guy Hand-sews Beauty and the Beast Dress for his Girlfriend

23-year-old graduate student recreated Belle's ball gown as part of his marriage proposal

Not only did Joel Lynch recreate Belle's ballgown for his girlfriend; he reserved a room in his campus library for his Beauty and the Beast themed proposal.

When Cara Szymanski, 24, told her boyfriend that she loved Beauty and the Beast, she couldn’t have predicted that he’d hand-sew Belle’s yellow ballgown as part of his marriage proposal – especially since [Read More …]

Birthday Celebration Time! We Can’t Wait.

Birthdays after 21

When you’re a kid, you look forward to your birthday each year. Oh, the excitement. There’s cake, presents and if you’re lucky, a party in your honor. No one seems [Read More …]

Dear Abby, I Have This Problem. Advice Please?

Dear Abby

Dear Abby, I have a serious problem, can you please help me? The long-running advice column has been around since 1956 and believe it or not, people are still writing to [Read More …]