The Top 5 Reasons Yoga Is Not for the Masculine Man

The modern heterosexual man is too cool for yoga. Or is he?

benefits of yoga for men

5. Because mental health is so overrated. Who wants the benefits of lower stress, less anxiety, and less depression anyway. Yoga has been scientifically proven to reduce that stuff, and [Read More …]

The Easiest Tips for Living a Healthy Lifestyle


You may be trying to live a healthier lifestyle. Most people are. Here are some tips that can carry you through the whole year instead of just for your New [Read More …]

Jack LaLanne – The Godfather of Fitness’s Last Words

A truly inspirational story

Jack LaLanne's Last Words

Jack LaLanne, also known as “The Godfather of Fitness”, was the first man in America dedicated to promoting physical fitness in the country. He believed that the health of America [Read More …]

Where is Bodybuilder Rich Gaspari Now?

Also known as "Rich the Itch" and "The Dragon Slayer"

Rich Gaspari Facts

If you are a fan of bodybuilding, you must know of Rich Gaspari. Enshrined into the IFBB Hall of Fame in 2004, he is definitely one of the most influential [Read More …]

The 8 Most Ridiculous Olympic Sports Ever

ridiculous olympic sports

The Olympics is not a small feat. It is the ultimate goal in sports. Athletes train all their lives to be Olympians. That said, there are some Ridiculous Olympic Sports [Read More …]

Beards Are Dirtier Than Toilet Seats, but These Are Even DIRTIER!

beards are dirtier than toilet seats

The World Loves Its Facial Hair! Good looks can kill, but facial hair can’t. In a world where we worship the wholly mammoths that lay upon the faces of many [Read More …]

Obesity is Now Linked to 13 Types of Cancer

Experts in the area of cancer prevention are now saying that obesity plays a role in 13 types of cancer

Cancer and Obesity

An alarming new review published in The New England Journal of Medicine makes connections between obesity and 13 different types of cancer. This latest discovery has been made by the [Read More …]

Richard Branson’s Bike Crash Shows Importance of Bike Safety

Richard Branson’s Bike Crash Brings Him Near Death Sir Richard Branson, founder of Virgin, got more than what he bargained for on a casual bike ride in the Caribbean. The [Read More …]

No Excuses: The 30 Minute Workout

It’s one of the oldest excuses in the book – I don’t have time to exercise.  But what if there was a 30 minute workout that accomplished more than an [Read More …]

Improve Your Morning Routine In 4 Easy Steps!

These tricks even work on Mondays!

Most of us can relate… your alarm clock goes off in the morning and you hit snooze multiple times.  But by trying to get a few minutes of extra sleep, [Read More …]