Beards Are Dirtier Than Toilet Seats, but These Are Even DIRTIER!

The World Loves Its Facial Hair!

Good looks can kill, but facial hair can’t. In a world where we worship the wholly mammoths that lay upon the faces of many men, there could be a surprising twist to that story. Men love beards. Beards love men. And women? They would kill for a man with a nice beard. It’s so… manly! But science has shown that they may not be all that sexy anymore. Researchers in Albuquerque have found that beards are dirtier than toilet seats.

The Study

swabbing beard to test for bacteria

Researchers at Quest Diagnostics swabbed men with beards and took the samples to a lab. It turns out that bacteria normally found in toilets were found in the beards of men. Some beards were found to have “normal” amounts of bacteria, while others had similar amount to toilets. Luckily, the amount of bacteria found would not be enough to cause any serious harm, so beard-sporting men don’t need to be worried.

How Do Beards Compare Against Household Objects?