Jack LaLanne – The Godfather of Fitness’s Last Words

A truly inspirational story

Jack LaLanne's Last Words

Jack LaLanne, also known as “The Godfather of Fitness”, was the first man in America dedicated to promoting physical fitness in the country. He believed that the health of America [Read More …]

Mouse Study Provides Insight Into Weight Loss

overweight mice weight loss

Crowds of new faces at the gym and bare shelves of kale at the grocery store can only mean — it’s New Year’s Resolution time. Weight loss and increased exercise [Read More …]

Eat Cheap on a Budget – Food Tips for Students

How students can minimize cost on their grocery lists

a student stands in a dimly lit grocery aisle trying to eat cheap

Food. It’s pretty important, right? Especially for the overworked, stressed post-secondary student trying to eat cheap as they squeeze out a thousand more words for that essay due tomorrow. Unfortunately [Read More …]

The Fruitcake Tradition – Where Did It Come From and Why Do We Eat It?

fruitcake tradition are disgusting

Fruitcake. Love it or hate it, you know it’s the holiday season when you find one on the kitchen table. But what are the origins of the fruitcake tradition? What [Read More …]

FACT Goldschläger is an alcohol with real gold in it! The effect? BOOM!!

fact goldschlager

Originating in Switzerland, Goldschläger is a cinnamon schnapps which packs a mighty 43.5% alcohol by volume (Interesting fact Goldschläger actually reduced from the original amount of 53.5%!). Goldschläger is now produced [Read More …]

Pepsi Reducing Sugar Because of Declining Sugar Consumption

Pepsi Reducing sugar

PepsiCo recently announced that it is changing its beverages in a big way over the next few years. By 2025, two-thirds of its beverages — from soda to Gatorade to [Read More …]

Heal All Herb – Does Prunella Vulgaris Really Heal Anything?

Prunella Vulgaris old ad - parody

A herb that Chinese people have been using for thousands of years has recently come into play in the health industry. This herb, known as the heal all herb, is [Read More …]

Kombucha Tea: Health Miracle or Deadly Elixir?

the Truth about Kombucha Tea

Kombucha tea originated in China about 2,000 years ago and is currently all the rage in the U.S. The fermented tea drink is taking grocery stores and juice bars by [Read More …]

Tainted Halloween Candy: Are Your Kids Safe?

Tainted Halloween Candy - Razors next to a bowl of candy

Tainted Halloween Candy – Are your Kids in Danger? Imagine spending weeks preparing your kids for this one, big night. You put on your costume, fuss over their hair, shoes, [Read More …]

Green Surprise in Wendy’s Fries: WEED Fries Terrifies Mother

This mother does not think that weed and fries should go together.

wendy's fries - now with extra marijuana

Wendy’s Fries: Now With Extra Weed On Tuesday, Dezeray Risner from Springfield, Ohio claims that her four year old received a surprise with her Wendy’s fries. She visited her local [Read More …]