Kombucha Tea: Health Miracle or Deadly Elixir?

the Truth about Kombucha Tea

Kombucha tea originated in China about 2,000 years ago and is currently all the rage in the U.S. The fermented tea drink is taking grocery stores and juice bars by [Read More …]

Tainted Halloween Candy: Are Your Kids Safe?

Tainted Halloween Candy - Razors next to a bowl of candy

Tainted Halloween Candy – Are your Kids in Danger? Imagine spending weeks preparing your kids for this one, big night. You put on your costume, fuss over their hair, shoes, [Read More …]

Green Surprise in Wendy’s Fries: WEED Fries Terrifies Mother

This mother does not think that weed and fries should go together.

wendy's fries - now with extra marijuana

Wendy’s Fries: Now With Extra Weed On Tuesday, Dezeray Risner from Springfield, Ohio claims that her four year old received a surprise with her Wendy’s fries. She visited her local [Read More …]

Vegan Mom Feeds Infant Son Inadequate Diet, Nearly Kills Him

Elizabeth Hawk, mother of 11 month old, now faces charges

Vegan mom - Vegan Baby

A young vegan mom faces charges for child endangerment after failing to feed her son a proper diet. Elizabeth Hawk resides in Pennsylvania, but could soon find herself residing in [Read More …]

School Officials Nearly Kill Student With Peanut Allergies


A young student at John Hersey High School in Arlington Heights, IL was nearly killed after school officials failed to properly treat her allergy. A contaminated turkey sandwich exposed the [Read More …]

Dangerous Foods That Could KILL You


What Are The World’s Most Dangerous Foods? Ah, food. The best part of life. With a huge world of different cuisines to try, why do we stick with our Big [Read More …]

Obesity is Now Linked to 13 Types of Cancer

Experts in the area of cancer prevention are now saying that obesity plays a role in 13 types of cancer

Cancer and Obesity

An alarming new review published in The New England Journal of Medicine makes connections between obesity and 13 different types of cancer. This latest discovery has been made by the [Read More …]

Frozen Strawberries Caused Hepatitis A at a Popular Smoothie Cafe

Officials report Hepatitis A linked to Frozen Strawberries at Café

frozen strawberries caused hepatitis

Health Alert: Frozen Strawberries Caused Hepatitis In Virginia Health officials in Virginia have reported that a number of recent cases of hepatitis A might have been caused by strawberries from [Read More …]

Xiao Man, a Toddler, Force-Fed By Parents For Money

Is this cute or is this cruelty?

Xiao Man - Meokbang

Little Girl Eats Lots Recently, a video has surfaced of a young Chinese toddler eating a large portion of food online. The cute little girl, named Xiao Man (小蛮), is [Read More …]

Worst Foods For Children – Stop Buying These Now

Ingredients - Pop Tarts

10 Worst Foods For Children Specifically manufactured and marketed foods for kids lack nutrients and are highly processed with lots of sugar. You could easily reach for one when your [Read More …]