Self-Care Tips For When You Feel Overwhelmed

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Are you having a rough day, week or maybe even year? You may want to know what you can do to re-energize yourself and make yourself feel better. One way [Read More …]

Ways to Boost Creativity When You Are in a Slump

Have writer's block? Read this.


Many of us enjoy doing creative things, like writing, art or something else. Being creative can be as simple as creating a new recipe. If you work from home or [Read More …]

Steps to Take for Better Mental Health

Put Yourself First

Mental Health

If you suffer from Depression or any other type of mental health disorder, you may be looking for ways to better your mental health. Even if you don’t, some self-care [Read More …]

How to Stay Productive When You Are Depressed


When someone suffers from Depression, they may struggle at work, school, and keeping up with activities of daily living. If you have Depression, make sure you let your doctor know [Read More …]

Beer Yoga: Because Everything Goes Better with Beer

If you didn't think that yoga could reduce stress levels even more, you were wrong.

beer yoga

Germany has some great ideas and not so great ideas. This definitely goes under the great ideas list though. Beer yoga was invented there and now its moving to a yoga studio near [Read More …]

Severe Weather, Thunderstorms and Tornadoes, Hit the Southern U.S.

Weather is bad, tornadoes are worse

If you live in the South, we would not advise going outside. Of course, if you live in the South, the weather probably makes this obvious. Over the last weekend, extreme [Read More …]

Zebra Shark Gives Birth Without Mating

‘Virgin Births’ Could Pose Long Term Risks

zebra shark

It seems like the age-old process of “the birds and the bees” might not be true for every member of the Animal Kingdom. A zebra shark in Australia surprised researchers [Read More …]

Jack LaLanne – The Godfather of Fitness’s Last Words

A truly inspirational story

Jack LaLanne's Last Words

Jack LaLanne, also known as “The Godfather of Fitness”, was the first man in America dedicated to promoting physical fitness in the country. He believed that the health of America [Read More …]

Stressed Out? Try Goat Yoga – And Yes, It’s a Real Thing

An Oregononian holds yoga classes at her goat farm

goat yoga

There’s nothing as soothing as settling down into a nice child’s pose as a baby goat hops onto your back. Wait – baby goat?! At No Regrets Farm in Oregon, goats [Read More …]

What Not to Say to Someone With Depression

(And What to Say Instead)


For someone who has never experienced mental illness, Depression may be very hard to understand. People withdraw, they may become unable to work or go to school. They might not [Read More …]