These Everyday Items May Make You FAIL a Drug Test

If you know you're going to be tested, stay far, far away!

scientist conducting drug test

Things To Avoid Before Taking a Drug Test For years, top employers as well as law enforcement have used drug testing as a way to weed out the “good” from [Read More …]

Could Accepting a Facebook Friend Request Really Make You Live Longer?

One study says yes!

Does having more Facebook friends equals longer life? A new study thinks so.

More Facebook Friends Equals Longer Life? In the era of social media, the criteria for what defines a “friend” are ever-changing. Meet someone cool at a party last night? Hit [Read More …]

The Best Ways to be Happy and Healthy in Your 20s

Now is the time to start taking your health seriously!

in your 20s

Let’s face it— most 20-somethings don’t have their health at the forefront of their minds. Unfortunately, they haven’t been made privy to the fact that the decisions that they make [Read More …]

Got Insomnia? Napflix to a Good Night’s Sleep

Streaming Service Bores You Into Dreamland

Napflix insomnia

Can’t sleep at night? Napflix has got you covered. It’s 2016 and like everything else, there’s an app for insomnia. We’re not kidding. There’s is actually a streaming service to [Read More …]

Household Chemicals Harm Our Bodies and Our Wallets

Child with plastic water bottle, probably full of deadly household chemicals

Routine exposure to household chemicals found in plastic water bottles, toys, and other products cost more than $340 billion in healthcare costs each year, according to a new study done [Read More …]

Kombucha Tea: Health Miracle or Deadly Elixir?

the Truth about Kombucha Tea

Kombucha tea originated in China about 2,000 years ago and is currently all the rage in the U.S. The fermented tea drink is taking grocery stores and juice bars by [Read More …]

Dirty School Water Results in Murky Suspension

No Foul Play Suspected

dirty school water fountain

With annual budget cuts, we understand that schools aren’t filthy rich. However, that’s no excuse for dirty school water. Hazel Juco, a senior at John Glenn High School snapped a photo of restroom water [Read More …]

Breastfeeding Yoga: Prepare to be Amazed

breastfeeding yoga mom

Carlee Benear proves that having an infant does not mean you need to put your life on hold. She found a way to breastfeed while doing something she loves — [Read More …]

Sleeping Tips That Will Add 7 years To Your Life!

While it might earn you bragging rights, a lack of sleep is harmful to your health.


You’ve probably heard the conversation around the water cooler — everyone bragging about how little sleep they got last night. Working late, sick kids, or a TV binge on Netflix [Read More …]

Puppy Mills Are Torturing Puppies Worldwide

Puppy mills

Who doesn’t love puppies? Dogs are known as “man’s best friend” for a reason! The amount of people who have or want a dog is outstanding, but the demand for [Read More …]