What Not to Say to Someone With Depression

(And What to Say Instead)


For someone who has never experienced mental illness, Depression may be very hard to understand. People withdraw, they may become unable to work or go to school. They might not [Read More …]

Republicans Are Getting a Strong Start on Their New Year’s Resolutions

The Republicans elephant logo

What’s Up? After a holiday break that was entirely too short, we arrive back at work after New Year’s. Opening our newspapers, it seems that the Republicans haven’t let this holiday season [Read More …]

Mouse Study Provides Insight Into Weight Loss

overweight mice weight loss

Crowds of new faces at the gym and bare shelves of kale at the grocery store can only mean — it’s New Year’s Resolution time. Weight loss and increased exercise [Read More …]

How NOT to Break Your New Years Resolutions This Year

How To Keep Your New Years Resolutions

OK, ladies and gentlemen. The current year is about to draw to a close. The new year is looming, and that means one other thing. New Years resolutions. It’s something [Read More …]

National Geographic Addresses a Revolution in New Issue

With January's first edition of the popular magazine, National Geographic is making pink waves.

National Geographic

The newest National Geographic issue is starting 2017 off with a bang! While you won’t be able to pick up your copy until next week, the cover is already being [Read More …]

Christmas Blues Got You Down? You Are Not Alone

Christmas blues got you down?
Source: Today.com.

So it’s that time of year when everyone is jolly and merry. But not you. You are probably experiencing the Christmas blues. It is common for some people to not [Read More …]

First Ever Human Head Transplant Will Happen in 2017

Getting Ahead in Life

The headless horseman needs a head transplant.

Do you have a good head on your shoulders? No? Then perhaps you should get a new one. The idea may not be as far-fetched as you think. Italian neuroscientist Dr. [Read More …]

Would you Trip with Hallucinogens for your Mental Health?

Research shows that hallucinogens could be an effective treatment in fighting certain mental illnesses.

psychotropic mushrooms - hallucinogens

The war on drugs in the 1970’s created mass hysteria over the use of drugs. Any and all, ranging from marijuana to heroin, were fiercely fought against. What scientists are [Read More …]

Aloe Vera Scandal: Key Ingredient Missing in Products

A-loe Blow

Aloe vera scandal has revealed products like this gel didn't contain any aloe vera.

Keeping fit and healthy is an important part of our lives. So, it comes as no surprise that the health industry is a multi-billion dollar behemoth. However, what is surprising [Read More …]

What Does Your Cell Phone Grime Say About You?

Shocking evidence from the world of microbiology!

Dirty Cell phone

Cell Phone Grime and You You know that grime left on your cell phone after you finish talking on it? Well, it could be even more valuable than a fingerprint, [Read More …]