How to be Your Own Mental Health Advocate

Get the Treatment You Need

Mental Health Advocate

How to be Your Own Mental Health Advocate Are you concerned about your mental health? Your life may be in shambles, you don’t know what to do or who to [Read More …]

24 of the Best Ways for Women to Relieve Stress

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Many women today are in the workforce and raising a family. Some are even going to school to better themselves on top of basic responsibilities. As much as being an [Read More …]

The Easiest Tips for Living a Healthy Lifestyle


You may be trying to live a healthier lifestyle. Most people are. Here are some tips that can carry you through the whole year instead of just for your New [Read More …]

Anxiety: What Can Be Done?

Coping Skills You Can Use.


Anxiety can be difficult to deal with, whether it is your suffering or a loved one. Some people may not understand what it is you or the person is going [Read More …]

Self-Care Tips For When You Feel Overwhelmed

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Are you having a rough day, week or maybe even year? You may want to know what you can do to re-energize yourself and make yourself feel better. One way [Read More …]

Jack LaLanne – The Godfather of Fitness’s Last Words

A truly inspirational story

Jack LaLanne's Last Words

Jack LaLanne, also known as “The Godfather of Fitness”, was the first man in America dedicated to promoting physical fitness in the country. He believed that the health of America [Read More …]

Pregnancy Brain Is Real, Researchers Find

Pregnancy Brain

The idea of pregnancy brain is something that moms have joked about for years. But it might be more than that, according to neuroimaging research released this week. The study, [Read More …]

Abortion Laws Under Trump – Things Are About to Change

Texas could be showing us a hint of what is to come in the next four years.

Abortion Laws Greg Abott

Before President elect Donald Trump actually won the election, health care professionals were beginning to warn women that this could create a large change for their reproductive health. After the [Read More …]

Pope Allows All Priests to Forgive Abortion

Pope Offers Hope

Pope Francis argued priests to forgive abortion.

Religion offers salvation and forgiveness from sin. But for years, the issue of abortion remained a hotly debated topic, with the Vatican opposing such practices. However, recently the Catholic Church [Read More …]

Gaslighting Guide: What is it, What are its Signs, and How can you Fight Back?

gaslighting guide and signs

What is Gaslighting? Gaslighting is a psychological manipulation that makes a person feels his or her behavior is irrational. The person who gaslights is using humiliation and abusiveness in order [Read More …]