Pasta Diet and Other Food Myths


A study conducted in Italy has shown that pasta isn’t the devil it has been made out to be when it comes to weight loss. Often, pasta is pushed away when [Read More …]

Chelsea Handler’s Shocking Abortion Secret!


Within the midst of all the controversy regarding abortion laws in the USA, Chelsea Handler has publicly come out regarding her experience with reproductive rights. The comedian and TV talk [Read More …]

The Self-Help Industry vs. Pharmaceuticals Industry

The classic battle between well-being versus drug-feeding!


We see them on TV, in magazines, on billboards, and even the side of busses. With all of the advertisements for the latest “miracle drug” that claim to be a [Read More …]

Placebo Cosmetics: Is Your Makeup Lying to You?


Cosmetics are what women use to cover up and hide all of those tiny imperfections. Unfortunately, it often reveals more imperfections about the woman than they may realize. What are [Read More …]

Maria’s Summer Beauty Hacks


Maria’s Beauty Bar was established in 2013 when Maria began to showcase her makeup tutorials and jaw dropping transformations on social media. As an already highly sought after makeup artist [Read More …]

The Best Running Techniques to Lose Weight

Run smarter, not harder

Sit Ups - Strength Training

Everyone has the desire to go running once in a while. It may be only sporadically, but if you’re serious, you have to learn how to do it properly. Yes, [Read More …]

Jennifer Aniston Is Actually Young! The Oldest Moms on Record!

Age is only a number

Daljinder Kaur - Oldest Moms

Is Jennifer Aniston among the oldest moms? Not a chance! Jennifer Aniston has recently been rumoured to be pregnant with her husband, Justin Theroux. Though friends of the couple are expressing [Read More …]

5 Vital Life Lessons Every Guy Should Know Before 30


Post-college life can be startling. After spending four years learning about what adult life should be like, you discover it’s nothing like that. Not only are you saddled with some [Read More …]

10 Ways to Protect Yourself from Zika

Protect Yourself from Zika

According to WHO (World Health Organization), the Zika virus is explosively spreading in the Americas. This virus causes birth defects in new born babies. It is generally spread through mosquitoes, though [Read More …]

Hayden Panettiere Is Raising Awareness of Postpartum Depression Symptoms


Hayden Panettiere, known for the television series “Nashville,” talked openly about the postpartum depression symptoms she’s suffering from. Her brave confession helps women all over the world who suffer from [Read More …]