Your Puppy Loves All the Baby Talk

It may irritate everyone else around you, but your puppy is learning more when you baby talk to it.

dogs and baby talk

Dogs LOVE Baby Talk! Everyone knows that dogs are man’s best friend. There is almost nothing that a dog can’t do to somehow enrich our lives. Perhaps this is why [Read More …]

The Best Tips for Working From Home

working from home tips

Working from home is a dream for many. Being a freelancer still comes with challenges. Want to know the best tips for working from home? Here are some strategies that [Read More …]

New Harry Potter-Themed Restaurant Opens in Brooklyn

Pasta Wiz serves fast, organic pasta in Hogwarts-inspired setting.

harry potter-themed restaurant - pasta wiz

Harry Potter-Themed Restaurant – Pasta Wiz A new restaurant in Brooklyn mixes two unlikely ingredients: Harry Potter and pasta. Pasta Wiz, the new Harry Potter-themed restaurant in Brooklyn, New York, [Read More …]

Warning Signs: Why Won’t People Listen?

Warning signs. Why don't people pay attention?
Source: Atlas Obscura.

Warning signs are everywhere. They are at the park, the mall, school and work. Our question is, why don’t people read them and follow the instructions? The time has come [Read More …]

Stressed Out? Try Goat Yoga – And Yes, It’s a Real Thing

An Oregononian holds yoga classes at her goat farm

goat yoga

There’s nothing as soothing as settling down into a nice child’s pose as a baby goat hops onto your back. Wait – baby goat?! At No Regrets Farm in Oregon, goats [Read More …]

Salt Bae Salts and Slices His Way Into Millions of Hearts

Fans want to see Salt Bae daily!

Salt Bae Instagram Halloween costume

2017 has had its fair share of scandal already.  Did Dick Clark Productions purposely sabotage Mariah Carey’s New Year’s Eve performance?  Is Russia withholding damning information about President-elect Trump?  Will [Read More …]

Raising a Child Costs More Than $200k

raising a child

Anyone who has children knows that caring for them is not cheap. However, a new report from the U.S. Department of Agriculture shows that raising a child a may cost [Read More …]

What Are The Republicans Going to Do About Obamacare?

The Capitol Hill complex

A Slight Recap Back in 2010, President Obama signed into effect a set of laws known as Obamacare. Since then, Republicans have attempted many times to repeal, block, and deny [Read More …]

Best Online Dating Tips: Find Your Soulmate Online

Online Dating

I have been with my husband for almost five years. Although we lived near each other in small towns, we had never met. We met online on a dating website. [Read More …]

What is Tempura and Why is it so Delicious?

Tempura on a plate for National Tempura Day

Tempura. If you don’t know what it is, you’re missing out. For those of you constantly being told by your doctors, teachers, or family members to “eat more vegetables”, we [Read More …]