How To Make An Introvert Hate You – In 5 Easy Steps

Getting an introvert to hate you is super easy: all you have to do is follow these foolproof steps.

In general, introverts are pretty chill people; so riling them up takes some forethought. Luckily, it’s not hard to make an introvert hate you if you go at it the right [Read More …]

Change Up Your Summer Vacation This Year

Two women on a hike

Ah, summer. Kids are out of school and things may slow down just a little at work as everyone takes vacation. Some people can’t wait to leave their normal lives [Read More …]

5 Easy Ways to Get in Shape Before Memorial Day

push ups mens fitness

It happens every year.  You start out with an aggressive New Year’s resolution, and you stay committed for a few weeks.  Then suddenly, Memorial Day is around the corner and [Read More …]

Traveling with Kids? Essential Info for the Jet-Setting Parent

traveling with kids

Traveling was easy before kids were in the picture.  You could take off at a moment’s notice with little more than some cash and pair of board shorts.  But as [Read More …]

Adopt a Rescue Animal or Start from Scratch

Adopt a Pet

Are the kids bugging you for a pet? They’ve reached the age where they can keep their rooms clean and take out the trash, and you believe now is the [Read More …]

Rompers for Men! This is a Joke Right?

rompers for men

Every year a new fashion trend emerges that makes people scratch their heads in wonder. This year designers thought it was a great idea to create rompers for men. No, [Read More …]

Allergy Season is in Full Swing: Aaachoo!

Allergy season

Allergy season is here. The sun’s in the sky and there’s plenty of water leaking from your eye. You’re sneezing, coughing and covered in red blotches and hives. Your eyes [Read More …]

What to do When You Hate Your Job

hate your job

It’s no secret that a lot of people don’t like their job. For whatever reason, you are stuck there and feel you can’t leave. Sometimes the pay is good but [Read More …]

Should You Trust an Online Personal Trainer?

online personal trainer gym

Instagram’s fitness community is filled with a mix of professionals, social media celebrities, and diehard fans.  These days, you can scroll through a series of hashtags to build a new [Read More …]

Little League Parents: Are They Too Serious?

Little League Sports Parents Overkill

Little League sports are a right of passage for many kids from all walks of life. Parents can sign their kids up to keep them active or because their child [Read More …]