Best Online Dating Tips: Find Your Soulmate Online

Online Dating

I have been with my husband for almost five years. Although we lived near each other in small towns, we had never met. We met online on a dating website. [Read More …]

Emotional Affair: What It Means and How to Stop It

Emotional Affair

What is an Emotional Affair? An emotional affair is a connection between two people where at least one is married, and there is no sexual interaction, it is simply an [Read More …]

Cheesy Pickup Lines That You Need To Start Using Now!

Cheesy Pickup Lines - Ready for Clubbing

We have all gone through those awkward years. Trying to find that cute girl or guy that would one day be our loving husband or wife. It’s sometimes funny to [Read More …]

10 Women Discuss Sex and Ken Kratz’s Voice

How would you react if you came across Ken Kratz on OkCupid?

a parody OKCupid dating profile page for Ken Kratz who calls himself the prize

Netflix’s Making A Murderer is full of mysteries including who killed Teresa Haibach. But another mystery has popped up on twitter and it’s this: if former District attorney Ken Kratz [Read More …]

5 Reasons Smart Women Fail At Online Dating

ATTENTION Smart And Confident Women: Read These 5 Tips To Solve Your Online Dating Problems Now!

a beautiful brunette woman is wearing glasses and looking at a macbook pro laptop while wearing a low-cut white blouse

Play the Dating Game & Keep Your Brains! Can a high IQ hurt your chances of meeting Mr. Right on an online dating website like OkCupid, or eHarmony? It [Read More …]

Single Baltic Lady Scam

Discover what your new online Baltic Beauty is planning on making you for dinner. It isn't Borsch!

What does your Baltic Single Lady Really Look Like? Could it be Scumbag Steve?

Is your “Lovely Single Baltic Lady” from Belarus actually an overweight male internet marketer from New Jersey? Read Now to find out? Here’s what websites like Anastasia Date and Charming Date [Read More …]

Russian Women Date Single Free Men Now!

Meet The Beautiful Women of Russian Online Dating

Russian Dating Now

Russian Dating Websites Promise “The Hottest Women!” But Are These Beautiful Baltic Singles Legit? Look out America! The Russians are coming! And I don’t mean a shirtless Vladimir Putin riding a [Read More …]