Here’s Why You Should Turn Down a Second Date

It's not a jerk move. It shows you know yourself and don't want to waste anyone's time.

Second date

Should You Turn Down a Second Date? You went on one date and it was OK. Or maybe it was a total disaster. Maybe you never want to see the [Read More …]

Online Dating Tips For Women

online dating women - online dating profile

Are you a woman considering online dating? It is a very easy way to get yourself out there and meet new people. You might be busy with work and school [Read More …]

Research Suggests That Tinder is Killing Your Self Esteem?

tinder killing self-esteem

Tinder, a dating app many love to hate as they swipe left and right, may be doing more harm than good for some users. A University of North Texas (UNT) [Read More …]

Museum of Broken Relationships puts heartbreak on display

New museum in Los Angeles exhibits objects from broken relationships

Museum of broken relationships

At the Museum of Broken Relationships in Los Angeles, you’ll see an iron on display beside a bottle of wine. You’ll also see a wedding dress crammed into a pickle jar, side by [Read More …]

Dating Tips and Questions to Ask Your Date

dating tips

Are you getting back into the dating scene? Maybe you are trying online dating for the first time. Here are some tips and questions to ask your potential partner to [Read More …]

Looking to Improve Communication With Your Significant Other?

Here's How.

Communication with your significant other

Do you argue often with your significant other? Do you wish you could get through to them without causing a fight? Sometimes communication is frustrating and you aren’t getting your [Read More …]

Guy Hand-sews Beauty and the Beast Dress for his Girlfriend

23-year-old graduate student recreated Belle's ball gown as part of his marriage proposal

When Cara Szymanski, 24, told her boyfriend that she loved Beauty and the Beast, she couldn’t have predicted that he’d hand-sew Belle’s yellow ballgown as part of his marriage proposal – especially since [Read More …]

Best Online Dating Tips: Find Your Soulmate Online

Online Dating

I have been with my husband for almost five years. Although we lived near each other in small towns, we had never met. We met online on a dating website. [Read More …]

Emotional Affair: What It Means and How to Stop It

Emotional Affair

What is an Emotional Affair? An emotional affair is a connection between two people where at least one is married, and there is no sexual interaction, it is simply an [Read More …]

Cheesy Pickup Lines That You Need To Start Using Now!

Cheesy Pickup Lines - Ready for Clubbing

We have all gone through those awkward years. Trying to find that cute girl or guy that would one day be our loving husband or wife. It’s sometimes funny to [Read More …]