Rompers for Men! This is a Joke Right?

rompers for men

Every year a new fashion trend emerges that makes people scratch their heads in wonder. This year designers thought it was a great idea to create rompers for men. No, [Read More …]

Instagood: Making a Career on Social Media

The Rise of Instagram Modeling

Be an instagram queen

Would you quit your day job and just take selfies for a living? Would you like to be famous for being famous? Consider Instagram. The current influence of social media [Read More …]

23 Things to Know about Eden Stiles AKA Brandi Rhodes

Eden Stiles AKA Brandi Rhodes AKA Brandi Runnels AKA Brandi Reed WWE Superstar Diva 2000

Eden Stiles, also known as Brandi Rhodes or Brandi Runnels, is well-known in the wrestling industry since she is multi-talented and made heads turn with her strength, beauty, and goal-oriented [Read More …]

2017’s Pantone Color of the Year Will Have You Seeing Green

The striking shade is called "greenery"

Bob Ross Pantone Green - Greenery

2017 is now officially the “year of greenery,” with the Pantone Color Institute naming the shade as the color of the year. “Greenery,” or Pantone 15-0343 to be exact, was [Read More …]

Meet Silisponge, the Strangest Makeup Tool on the Market

It's not a bra insert— it's a makeup sponge!

person holding a silisponge

Forget those traditional makeup sponges and brushes, because there’s a new game in town, and it is weird. It’s called the SiliSponge, a see-through makeup applicator that more closely resembles [Read More …]

The Top 5 Most Expensive Shoes in the World

These shoes will cost you the same price as a mansion!

Harry Winston's Ruby Slippers

When it comes to shoes, it seems that some women will pay a fortune! In fact, according to The Consumerist, a lady will end up shelling out, on average, about [Read More …]

Easy, Breezy, Beautiful Is This Hijab-Wearing Muslim Model

hijab-wearing muslim model

Nura Afia will join the ranks of an easy, breezy, beautiful Covergirl, but unlike past cover models, she is the first hijab-wearing Muslim model. Afia, 24-year-old Denver native, is no [Read More …]

Nike Goes Back to the Future With Self-Lacing Shoes

And you can too with this raffle


Fans of the hit Back to the Future series will no doubt remember the self-lacing Nikes that Marty McFly wore in Back to the Future, Part 2.  Now these super-slick [Read More …]

This Zara Coat Probably Has More Instagram Followers Than You

zara coat that coat

Viral clothing is usually the stuff of ridiculous debate.  Who could forget the national phenomenon in which friends and families were torn apart over whether a certain dress was blue [Read More …]

Fall Fashion Trends You Can Actually Wear

Summer is Over, and the New Fall Fashion Trends Are Here! Fall is right around the corner and before you know it the shorts and tank tops will be replaced [Read More …]