KFC Sunscreen Makes Ideal Skin “Finger Lickin’ Good”

KFC wants in on your summer!

KFC Sunscreen

New KFC Sunscreen Lowers Skin Cancer; Raises Hunger What are your top five favorite things about summer? If tanning and fried-chicken are on your list, then the new KFC fried [Read More …]

Kardashian Selfie Secrets To Up Your Selfie Game

Kardashian Selfie Secrets

Kim Kardashian is known for her selfies. Her ability to contour those cheekbones, illuminate her face perfectly and use the perfect angles, it all makes everything look amazing. Is this witchcraft? Here [Read More …]

Being Chic Can Be Cheap! 5 Tips From a Professional Stylist

Tip # 1: Know Your Body Try to understand what suits you. Skinny jeans are not for everybody, but a cute A-line skirt can be very sexy if matched with [Read More …]

Famous and Loved Celebrity Pets

Bird in Mercedes F1 - Celebrity Pets

The Lavish Lifestyle of Celebrity Pets Celebrities are all over the news, magazine covers, TV interviews, and social media. Some of them attend parties with their spouses and families, but [Read More …]

Fofo Talks Fashion Faves

  More than just a fashion blogger, Fofo is also an MBA student working full-time as a financial advisor for a wealth management firm.  Her true title should be fashion [Read More …]

Colton Haynes’ Brother-In-Law Warms Hearts With Gayby Apparel

gaby apparel gay baby clothes

When it comes to the LGBT community, the narrative is often one about a struggle for acceptance and a courageous fight for simple human rights.  But rarely does the story [Read More …]

Valeria Lukyanova – Real Life Barbie

Real Life Barbie family

The topic of beauty is an incredibly old and pointless discussion that has lead to more than a few bar brawls and high school catfights. Mankind seems to be perpetually [Read More …]

18 Jaw Dropping Wedding Dress Fails

ugly wedding dress

According to widely circulated statistics, 40-50% of all marriages will end in divorce. But a lot happens before a couple finally calls it quits. Before the divorce papers are filed [Read More …]

Gigi Hadid – 10 facts you might not know about the famous supermodel


The term “supermodel” was invented about four decades ago and since then, it became sort of a cliché, but when referring to Gigi Hadid, there is no better term to [Read More …]

Stitch Fix Personal Stylist

Stitch Fix

Get Your Stitch Fix The busy modern day woman is not always available to peruse through clothing stores, keeping an eye out for what suits her best. Nor is she [Read More …]