Stressed Out? Try Goat Yoga – And Yes, It’s a Real Thing

An Oregononian holds yoga classes at her goat farm

goat yoga

There’s nothing as soothing as settling down into a nice child’s pose as a baby goat hops onto your back. Wait – baby goat?! At No Regrets Farm in Oregon, goats [Read More …]

Is This The End for Former Champ Ronda Rousey?

Cloudy Ronda Rousey

Ronda Rousey punched in the face.

As they say, all good things must come to an end. However, some things come crashing down in spectacular fashion. Such was the case for former UFC champion, Ronda Rousey. Once [Read More …]

23 Things to Know about Eden Stiles AKA Brandi Rhodes

Eden Stiles AKA Brandi Rhodes AKA Brandi Runnels AKA Brandi Reed WWE Superstar Diva 2000

Eden Stiles, also known as Brandi Rhodes or Brandi Runnels, is well-known in the wrestling industry since she is multi-talented and made heads turn with her strength, beauty, and goal-oriented [Read More …]

The 8 Most Ridiculous Olympic Sports Ever

ridiculous olympic sports

The Olympics is not a small feat. It is the ultimate goal in sports. Athletes train all their lives to be Olympians. That said, there are some Ridiculous Olympic Sports [Read More …]

2020 Olympics: New Events We Want to See


With the 2016 Summer Olympics wrapping up, everyone is beginning to look ahead to the 2020 Olympics. It is often speculated that perhaps new events might be added to the [Read More …]

Rio De Janeiro’s Olympic Nightmare


With the 2016 Summer Olympics well underway in scenic Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, the world has experienced less than golden living conditions of athletes, coaches and travelers alike. Since the [Read More …]

Influencer Spotlight: Roberto Portales

rj2-min - Copy

Roberto Portales is absolutely no stranger to the fitness and athletic lifestyle. Born and raised in sunny Tampa, he began playing sports at 4 years old and eventually focused on [Read More …]

5 Exotic Herbs Can Help You in the Gym


Exotic Herbs are long known for their flavors and healing qualities. Herbs may also offer additional benefits, for example boosting your fitness level, improving sports skills, and increasing muscle size [Read More …]

Nike initiates “Era of Personalized Performance”

Nike’s new wave of innovations puts the “Era of Personalized Performance” into motion.


 A big transformation in athletic performance arises following the introduction of a line of adaptive products by Nike to create the “Era of Personalized Performance”. On March 16th, Nike showcases [Read More …]

18 Minute Fitness Burst As Good As Long Run

Less Exercise May Be Just As Good For You Researchers Claim

Michelle Jenneke stands at the starting line of a race with her hands on her hips and in a swimming pool in a bikini

It turns out dancing hurdling sensation Michelle Jenneke has the perfect high-intensity workout for the modern age. A recent study out of Curtin University in Western Australia and Birmingham University, UK [Read More …]