Should You Trust an Online Personal Trainer?

Instagram’s fitness community is filled with a mix of professionals, social media celebrities, and diehard fans.  These days, you can scroll through a series of hashtags to build a new workout program.  And if you’re a bodybuilder or physique competitor, you don’t need to win a competition to build a fan base.  However, it’s the men and women in this latter category who’ve launched a multi-million-dollar personal training industry with Instagram as the catalyst.  Sure, these fitness celebs are ripped and have found programs and diets that work for them.  But does that mean they can achieve the same results for you, too?  Should you trust an online personal trainer?

Your Online Personal Trainer’s Certification

online personal trainer

Credit: NBC Daily

If you’re investing your money in services from an online trainer, make sure he or she has some type of professional certification.  Organizations like ACE, NASM, and ISSA offer comprehensive programs for their trainers.  They have high international standards that ensure you’re in good hands.  If your trainer doesn’t have a certification, it’s a risky situation.