Funniest Cake Fails – The Worst Cakes Ever Photographed

worst cake fails, worst cakes ever

Accidents In the Baking – Worst Cakes and Funniest Cake Fails Ever Birthdays, weddings, and other parties are known for a big, celebratory cake. Usually, they’re beautiful, tasty, and a [Read More …]

The Best Way to Carve a Thanksgiving Turkey

There IS a correct way to carve a turkey!

How To Cut A Thanksgiving Turkey

We all know that preparing a Thanksgiving meal is stressful business, but it certainly doesn’t have to be. Take carving the Thanksgiving turkey, for instance. It can seem like a [Read More …]

Thanksgiving Dinner Traditional Style?

FYI Pilgrims and Native Americans Did Not Eat Turkey

First Thanksgiving with Native 
Americans and Pilgrims.
Source: Wikimedia Commons.

Craving a Thanksgiving dinner with a traditional flair? You’d be surprised to know that Native Americans and Pilgrims did not feast on turkey during their meal. There was no turkey, [Read More …]

Why Do Starbucks Have Green Cups For Their Holiday Cups?

Everyone Wants Festive Cups.

Green cups from Starbucks

Green cups at Starbucks have many coffee drinkers seeing red. It’s the holiday season and people are ticked off there are no holiday-themed cups for them to guzzle their fancy [Read More …]

Never Ending Wine Fountain in Italy Takes on Beer Fountain

Forget the fountain of youth, you need to visit these fountains!

wine fountain in italy

Wine Fountain Allows Fill-Ups At Any Time Italy is the place of every wine lover’s dream. The ultimate wine tasting is sure to happen in Italy. The grapes that are [Read More …]

Arby’s Venison Sandwich: A Daring Twist on Fast Food

The roast beef sandwich chain is trying something very different

Arby's Venison Sandwich

The fast-food chain Arby’s has never been one to follow the crowd.  While everyone else is focused on hamburgers and your standard french fry, Arby’s has focused on differentiating with roast [Read More …]

Girl Scout Cookie Cereal Destroy Any Hope of New Years Resolutions

Girl Scouts cookies will soon be available in cereal form.

Girl Scout Cookie Cereal for Sale

Cereal Killers 2017 is already looking promising for cookie lovers across the nation. Arguably the two greatest Girl Scouts cookie flavors will be turned into a Girl Scout cookie cereal. [Read More …]

Halloween Snacks to Creep Out Guests

Trick or Treat.....Ewwwww! Is That a Finger?!

Creepy Halloween Snacks.

Looking for a way to creep out your party guests? These Halloween snacks are sure to send ghosts and goblins screaming into the night. Each of these recipes will have [Read More …]

Taco Bell Sleepover Offer: Delicious or Disgusting?

Sleeping With the Dishes

Taco Bell restaurant outside view at night time. Perfect for a Taco Bell Sleepover.

Teenage Dream: Taco Bell Sleepover Taco Bell is launching its Steak Doubledilla in Canada. We sure aren’t complaining; you can’t go wrong with double the meat in a quesadilla. To top [Read More …]

Halloween Treats That Go Beyond The Pumpkin Spice Craze

Some fast food chains have embraced the pumpkin spice trend while others are still hoping to make Halloween treats that are unique.

Pumpkin spice craze going crazy

The Pumpkin Spice Craze Has Engulfed Us All The Pumpkin Spice craze has officially taken over everything. From lattes to Triscuits, pumpkin spice flavored foods are everywhere. It is hard [Read More …]