The Fruitcake Tradition – Where Did It Come From and Why Do We Eat It?

fruitcake tradition are disgusting

Fruitcake. Love it or hate it, you know it’s the holiday season when you find one on the kitchen table. But what are the origins of the fruitcake tradition? What [Read More …]

Confessions of a Health Inspector: Why Restaurant Shutdowns Happen

Restaurant Shutdowns

Restaurant Shutdowns: The Truth If you’re reading this, you may be upset at health inspectors for closing your neighborhood burger joint. Maybe in the past, restaurant inspectors shackled the doors [Read More …]

Read This Before You Order a McDonald’s Extra Value Meal

McDonald's Extra Value Meal Controversy

Sure, a McDonald’s Extra Value Meal sounds like a great deal, but is it really? One Illinois man did the math – and McDonald’s may not be so happy with [Read More …]

Starbucks Changes – Big Things Are Coming

The company plans to add 12,000 stores and bring in a new CEO

Source: Wikimedia Commons

While it might seem like Starbucks is already everywhere you go, the company recently announced plans to add even more stores over the next few years. And now, they’ll have [Read More …]

Here’s Why McNuggets Come in Four Unique Shapes

The company's reason for the chicken nugget shapes will make you laugh!

Chicken McNuggets in a box with dipping sauce

McDonald’s Chicken McNuggets are one of the most commonly eaten fast food staples in the States, and internationally alike. Chances are, you’ve put at least a few of these fried [Read More …]

McDonald’s Workers Protest for Minimum Wage Increase

All Work and No Pay

A group of McDonald's workers protest for a minimum wage increase.

You don’t need us to tell you: life is an endless struggle. However, that struggle is most pronounced for those at the bottom of the totem pole. Fast food service workers are one [Read More …]

Funniest Cake Fails – The Worst Cakes Ever Photographed

worst cake fails, worst cakes ever

Accidents In the Baking – Worst Cakes and Funniest Cake Fails Ever Birthdays, weddings, and other parties are known for a big, celebratory cake. Usually, they’re beautiful, tasty, and a [Read More …]

The Best Way to Carve a Thanksgiving Turkey

There IS a correct way to carve a turkey!

How To Cut A Thanksgiving Turkey

We all know that preparing a Thanksgiving meal is stressful business, but it certainly doesn’t have to be. Take carving the Thanksgiving turkey, for instance. It can seem like a [Read More …]

Thanksgiving Dinner Traditional Style?

FYI Pilgrims and Native Americans Did Not Eat Turkey

First Thanksgiving with Native 
Americans and Pilgrims.
Source: Wikimedia Commons.

Craving a Thanksgiving dinner with a traditional flair? You’d be surprised to know that Native Americans and Pilgrims did not feast on turkey during their meal. There was no turkey, [Read More …]

Why Do Starbucks Have Green Cups For Their Holiday Cups?

Everyone Wants Festive Cups.

Green cups from Starbucks

Green cups at Starbucks have many coffee drinkers seeing red. It’s the holiday season and people are ticked off there are no holiday-themed cups for them to guzzle their fancy [Read More …]