Harmful Chemicals Are Lurking in Fast Food Packages

fast food packages

You probably already know that fast food is not exactly the healthiest thing to eat. Beyond the sugar, salt, and fat in most foods, the fast food packages themselves might [Read More …]

Valentine’s Day Sweet Treats For Everyone On Your Sweetheart List

Valentines Day Treats

5 Great Valentine’s Day Sweet Treats Ideas Sweet treats are on everyone’s list for Valentine’s Day this year. But you are perplexed as you search for a gift that is [Read More …]

Ways to Boost Creativity When You Are in a Slump

Have writer's block? Read this.


Many of us enjoy doing creative things, like writing, art or something else. Being creative can be as simple as creating a new recipe. If you work from home or [Read More …]

Groundhog Day: Say What? Six More Weeks of Winter

Groundhog day star Punxatawney Phil saying we have more winter coming our way

Groundhog Day is here! It’s another one of those weird traditions where people believe someone or something (in this case a groundhog named Punxsutawney Phil) can predict when the winter [Read More …]

Can a Baby Box Prevent Infant Deaths?

New Jersey sure hopes so.

Source: The Baby Box Co.

Everyone wants to snuggle their baby in a soft crib surrounded by blankets and toys, but that may actually be harming babies more than helping them. The better solution, New [Read More …]

Robot Barista Serves Coffee in San Francisco

Meet Gordon, the robotic barista who delivers your coffee faster and more effectively

Robot Barista Cafe X by Henry Hu in San Francisco

Spelling Mistake Rates Fall Dramatically With Introduction of Robot Barista When Henry Hu saw robots building cars at the Volkswagen factory in Germany, he thought of a new way to [Read More …]

Trump Rushing Full Steam Ahead on Plans

Donald Trump

Donald Trump’s first day as President was Monday the 23rd, and he didn’t waste any time pushing forward his agenda. The Environment Tuesday saw him sign a slew of executive memos [Read More …]

The Biggest Human Migration In The World – Chinese New Year

Chinese New Year biggest human migration

Chinese New Year is one of the most celebrated holidays in the world, with over a billion people celebrating it every year. One of the lesser known facts is that [Read More …]

Saving Money by Cutting Your Budget


Are you scraping to get by each month? Do you need money for an unexpected expense and you aren’t sure where it’s going to come from? One way to have [Read More …]

Looking to Improve Communication With Your Significant Other?

Here's How.

Communication with your significant other

Do you argue often with your significant other? Do you wish you could get through to them without causing a fight? Sometimes communication is frustrating and you aren’t getting your [Read More …]