Perfect Mother’s Day Gifts For Every Budget

You don't have to be a millionaire to buy your mom or wife a Mother's Day gift she'll treasure forever. (Although a private island is definitely a memorable present.)

Mother’s Day is just around the corner. But don’t stress. If you’re not sure what gift to give your mother (or wife) this year, we’re here to help. Following is a list of perfect Mother’s Day gifts tailored to every budget.

My bank account is a black hole

When you’re a kid and your only source of income is that $3 allowance you get paid weekly (talk about needing to raise the minimum wage), finding an affordable Mother’s Day gift can be a struggle. Luckily, you don’t need to actually buy anything. Your mom will be just as tickled if you wash the dishes without being asked as she would be if you bought her a Ferrari. (Well, OK, maybe not quite.)

If you’re short on cash, there are still a number of perfect Mother’s Day gifts you can give your mom. For example:

  • Make her breakfast in bed.
  • Do something for her so she doesn’t have to (like taking out the trash, getting the little kids ready in the morning, etc.)
  • Make her a coupon book. It’s similar to the idea above, but a little more generous. Make coupons for things like chores around the house, making dinner, giving a hug, etc.
  • Pick some flowers (not from your neighbors’ yard!)
  • Write a poem for her. (She’ll love it even if it sucks.) If you’re artistic, you could also draw/paint/craft something for her.
  • Take her to a free event. Some places host free Mother’s Day events. You could also take her to a garden or public park, or an art gallery.