Is New York Pizza the Best? Let’s Settle This Once and for All

You've heard the rumors. I'm here to debunk them for you.

New York Pizza

Is New York pizza the best? It’s a good question: is New York pizza better than pizza you’re going to find anywhere else? Some people say it is; others say you [Read More …]

Don’t Lose Your Precious Vacation Memories – Create a Travel Journal

travel journal

Are you looking for a way to remember your travels and create a keepsake to treasure for years to come? You may want to create a travel journal. If you [Read More …]

Tips For Hiking Alone – How to Have an Enjoyable Solo Hike

hiking alone one a solo hike

If you love the great outdoors you may enjoy hiking. Not only is a great pastime but it is great exercise. You might do it with friends and family. However, [Read More …]

How to Be a Successful Travel Blogger

travel blogger

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Ways to Make Money While Traveling

money while traveling

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Escape to Thailand

The Best Places to Visit

Explore Beautiful Thailand

Thailand is an amazing place to visit for beach goers and travelers. You may be wondering the best place to visit on your trip. Fear not, I’ve collected the must-see [Read More …]

Trump’s Replacement Travel Ban Rejected

Protesters resist the first Muslim/travel ban at the San Francisco National Airport

Well, I don’t think any of us didn’t see this coming, especially after the first travel ban. If somebody was clueless as to what would happen here…well. Have you been [Read More …]

A List of the Best Beaches in the USA

Best beaches in the usa

Do you find yourself longing for summer? I am. I decided to compile a nice list of the best beaches in the USA. You’ll want to do some research to [Read More …]

How to Become a Digital Nomad and Still Get Work Done

digital nomad

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Carry-On Essentials and Other Travel Tips


Do you enjoy traveling? Are you trying to prepare for your next adventure? Are you visiting family? Well if you are looking to fly to your destination you may be [Read More …]