Airline Worker Trapped in Cargo Hold of Plane At 20,000 Feet

FAA Investigating Incident

Plane cargo hold reginald gaskin

Hiding out in the cargo hold of a plane is something that’s most common in movie plots and children’s dreams. However, it became a reality for one man on Sunday [Read More …]

Don’t Get in the Way of the Coconut Crab!

Coconut crab’s pinch feels like ‘eternal hell’

coconut crab

Did you ever have a hermit crab as a kid? You know, the little creatures who shed their shells for new models every so often? Well, its cousin, the coconut [Read More …]

Disneyland Secrets That Will Blow Your Mind

disneyland secrets facts

Disneyland Secrets You Never Would Have Guessed Disneyland is known for its childlike wonder. But there are some juicy Disneyland secrets that few know about. Read up on these Disneyland [Read More …]

Top 10 Most Beautiful Places in California

California Coast is Beautiful

10 Most Beautiful Places to Visit in California California is located оn the wеѕt coast of North America. It is the largest ѕtаtе оf the Unitеd Stаtеѕ bу population. California offers something [Read More …]

Romantic Getaways in Ohio – The Best 5 Places For Love

romantic getaways in ohio

Although it has become such a hot spot with all the recent sports success, there are also very romantic getaways in Ohio.  If you want to explore Ohio and take your significant other [Read More …]

Never Ending Wine Fountain in Italy Takes on Beer Fountain

Forget the fountain of youth, you need to visit these fountains!

wine fountain in italy

Wine Fountain Allows Fill-Ups At Any Time Italy is the place of every wine lover’s dream. The ultimate wine tasting is sure to happen in Italy. The grapes that are [Read More …]

Plane Fire at Chicago O’Hare Airport – American Airlines Flight 383

plane fire at Chicago O'Hare, of American Airlines Flight 383

American Airlines Flight 383 on Fire Fire and smoke billowed out of Chicago O’Hare Airport today, as an American Airlines flight burst into flames on the runway. The American Airlines [Read More …]

Woman Stares Down a Crocodile with Nothing But a Sandal

When the going gets tough, the tough grab their sandal.

A Crocodile

Earlier this month in Kakadu National Park in Australia, a women had a close encounter with the reptile kind. At Cahill’s Crossing, a big salt water crocodile decided that her [Read More …]

Travelers: Obama’s Got Your Back with New Airline Regulations

airline regulations

We’ve all been in an airline nightmare at one time or another. Lost bags, delayed flights, and booking a flight just to see airfare drop a few days later.  With [Read More …]

Scrotum Frogs in Lake Titicaca Taking a Beating

The Titicaca water frog has taken a massive hit.

Scrotum Frogs

Originally named the Titicaca water frog, the baggy skin on these unique frogs have earned them an even more unique nickname. Now known as scrotum frogs, they are making it [Read More …]