Undocumented Immigrants and Anti-Semitism

Trump at the podium, speaking of anti-semitism and immigrants

Back on Feb 21st, Donald Trump signed an executive order ordering the government to be more aggressive on immigration. In response, the Department of Homeland Security drafted some new guidelines [Read More …]

Trump and His First Solo Press Conference

Trump at the press conference

Reading like the YA novel we never knew we already hated, Donald Trump hosted his first solo press conference back on the 16th. He covered a lot of topics, all [Read More …]

Penguins Facing Yet Another Environmental Crisis

Two black footed penguins

New studies shows a decline in the amount of cute, cuddly penguins. This time it’s the African penguin, colloquially known as the black-footed penguin. Africa’s only species of penguin is [Read More …]

Radical Scheme to Save the Ice Caps in Consideration

Arctic landscape, lotta ice

Whelp, we’ve finally done it. We’ve driven the scientists of the world to consider a scheme so ridiculous is resembles a Bond villain’s. When future historians look back on this, [Read More …]

Trump Administration Russian Ahead on Michael Flynn

Michael Flynn

I don’t care how fast they were going, they should question him thoroughly! Sorry, let’s back up a bit. A few days ago, Michael Flynn was forced to resign from his [Read More …]

Will Rosie O’Donnell Play Steve Bannon on SNL?

Rosie O'Donnell Steve Bannon 2

The current season of SNL has been its strongest and highest rated in years.  Its power is bolstered by a string of inspired casting choices.  Alec Baldwin’s spot-on impersonation of [Read More …]

Shia LaBeouf’s Performance Art Exhibit Shut Down

According to Museum, anti-Trump installation became too violent

shia labeouf he will not divide us

Political Performance Art On the day of Trump’s inauguration, 30-year-old actor Shia LaBeouf set up an exhibit outside The Museum of the Moving Image in New York. Called HEWILLNOTDIVIDE.US, the performance [Read More …]

Muslim Ban Stays Suspended in Light of Appeals Case Failure

People gather to protest the Muslim Ban

True to his word, Donald Trump went to federal appeals court in order to reinstate his Muslim Ban. Unfortunately for him, they ruled on Thursday to do no such thing. The [Read More …]

Is House of Cards a Reference for Trump Administration?

House of Cards Frank and Claire Underwood

Netflix’s beloved political drama House of Cards returns this May.  The series focuses its spotlight on the wheeling and dealing that takes places behind the scenes in Washington D.C.  Frank [Read More …]

Solar Triple Threat – A Full Moon, an Eclipse, and a Comet

Solar Triple Threat

The stars will align — literally — on Friday for a rare solar display of an an eclipse, comet, and a full moon. Call it a solar triple threat. No [Read More …]