Perfect Mother’s Day Gifts For Every Budget

You don't have to be a millionaire to buy your mom or wife a Mother's Day gift she'll treasure forever. (Although a private island is definitely a memorable present.)

Perfect Mother's Day Gifts

Mother’s Day is just around the corner. But don’t stress. If you’re not sure what gift to give your mother (or wife) this year, we’re here to help. Following is [Read More …]

What to Do When Transit Shuts Down

Step 1: PANIC

how to survive a transit shutdown

We’ve all been through it. Be it out of necessity, cost, or convenience, almost everyone in the world has taken public transit at least once in their life. Many of [Read More …]

Trump Sends Warning Warships to N. Korea

Warships in North Korea

With the recent missile strike on Syria being what Trump calls a success, North Korea is now on the receiving end of a rather pointed message. What Happened in Syria? Early [Read More …]

Trump Has Launched Airstrike on Syrian Airbase

Trump airstrike Syria protest

Unsurprisingly, something drastic has been done. Wait, WHAT?! Back on the sixth, the US launched dozens of Tomahawk missiles, targeting a Syrian airbase. Equipment was destroyed, and at least six [Read More …]

Chemical Attacks Carried Out on Syria

Many dead in Syria

Even though such things are illegal, it seems that somebody didn’t get the memo and pulled out the big guns. More than 70 are dead, at least 10 of them [Read More …]

Legalizing Marijuana – Which Side are You On?

The debate continues as more and more states put the question of legalizing marijuana to the ballot.

Legalization of weed and marijuana

21 years ago, California legalized (or made legal again) the use of marijuana for medical purposes, and not long after, Colorado and other western states were among the first to [Read More …]

Bruno Borges, Alien-Obsessed Psychology Student, Disappears in Brazil

It's just as weird as it sounds.

What happened to Bruno Borges abducted by aliens

It’s like something straight out of a science fiction movie. Bruno Borges – a psychology student and UFO enthusiast – disappeared without a trace last week. He did, however, leave [Read More …]

North Carolina Back at it Again with the Bigotry

Unisex bathroom north carolina

Who’s surprised? I’m not surprised! What’d They Do This Time? The bigger question is, what are people gonna do in response? Let’s back up. Last year, a bill was passed [Read More …]

ISPs are ISPreening at the New Internet Information Bill

Selling your internet info

For the past couple of years, net neutrality has been up in the air. Now, in an unexpected move cannonballing in from stage left, internet privacy laws are dashed to pieces. [Read More …]

Michael Flynn Says He’ll Testify in the Russia Investigations

Michael Flynn

Yes, I know this might come as a shock. But there’s a really good reason for it, I promise. Before we get to all that Flynn stuff, though, a slight [Read More …]