Trump Rushing Full Steam Ahead on Plans

Donald Trump

Donald Trump’s first day as President was Monday the 23rd, and he didn’t waste any time pushing forward his agenda. The Environment Tuesday saw him sign a slew of executive memos [Read More …]

Famed Ringling Bros. Barnum & Bailey Circus to Close

The news has many animal rights activists celebrating

Ringling Bros. circus live performance

After spending more than 100 years as an American entertainment mainstay, the famed Ringling Bros. circus will perform its very last show in the spring. In a statement from Feld [Read More …]

Famous California Sequoia Falls in Storm

The Pioneer Cabin Tree toppled over in a severe storm

giant sequoia tree tunnel

The beloved giant California sequoia known as The Pioneer Cabin Tree has fallen due to intense winter storms that swept through the Calaveras area this past weekend. The sad discovery [Read More …]

Amazon’s Echo May Have ‘Witnessed’ a Murder

The device has stored data that could help solve a murder case

Amazon Echo against a white background

Amazon’s hottest new groundbreaking device, Echo, is meant to be a helpful household gadget, but, for prosecutors in Arkansas, it could be the key to solving a murder case. In [Read More …]

Bana Alabed Shares Her Story of Escaping Aleppo on Twitter

This brave girl tweeted her experiences while living in a war zone.

Aleppo native Bana Alabed poses for a picture with a book at her desk

The Syrian Civil War— which is now going into its fifth year— has not only destroyed the landscape of a history-rich country, it has also been the reason for so many [Read More …]

Fireworks Market Explosion in Mexico Leaves Dozens Dead

Many bodies are too charred to identify

Fireworks market explosion

Latest news suggests that the death toll from Tuesday’s massive fireworks market explosion in Tultepec, Mexico has risen to at least 32. At this stage, a total of 46 victims [Read More …]

Amazon Reinvents the Grocery Store with Amazon Go

This new category of grocery store is set to open in early 2017

Amazon is currently continuing its streak of bringing groundbreaking technology to its consumers. Imagine: You are at your local grocery store. You have a cart full of items, a screaming [Read More …]

Gold Star Family Unexpectedly Booed on Flight

Gold Star Family pins

After receiving news of their son’s death, a Gold Star family was booed by first-class passengers on an American Airlines flight in route to gather their son’s remains. Stewart Perry, [Read More …]

Mysterious Flash Lights Up Sky in Japan – What Was It?

Was it a meteor, or something more peculiar?

image of suspected meteor in Japan

The sizable November 21st earthquake in Fukushima, Japan brought with it a tsunami warning, as well as something a bit more unexpected. A teenager known only as “Asuka” caught what looks [Read More …]

What Are The Headlines Around The World Saying About Trump?

Some laugh at him, some are intrigued by him, and others fear him.

trump headlines around the world

Trump Headlines: A Worldwide Reality News if Trump taking America’s most powerful position have exploded throughout the world. As was expected, the US was divided on having him in the [Read More …]