Syrian Refugee Takes Facebook to Court for Fake News

Angela Merkel syrian refugee selfie

The Syrian refugee crisis has become a viral humanitarian phenomenon.  It’s currently at the center of President Trump’s immigration ban.  That executive order halted Syrian refuges from entering the U.S. [Read More …]

Which Businesses are Boycotting Trump?

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Some consumers are now facing a choice of supporting the companies and brands they love, or supporting the President they voted for in Donald Trump. The #grabyourwallet movement urges those [Read More …]

Julia Silge Couldn’t Reach Senator, Sends Ham and Pineapple Pizza Instead

Silge was concerned about Trump's pick for education secretary, and she wanted her senator to know it

Julia Silge Sends Senator a Pizza (Orrin G. Hatch)

A Gift For Senator Orrin Hatch – Ham and Pineapple Pizza Julia Silge just couldn’t get through to her senator. A Utah resident in her thirties, Silge had concerns about [Read More …]

Betsy DeVos Confirmed as Education Secretary

Betsy DeVos

As you might already know, a few of Trump’s cabinet picks have yet to be approved for their positions. Of all of the nominees that were still in limbo, Betsy [Read More …]

Conway’s Fake Bowling Green Massacre Sparks Fake Vigils

Bowling Green vigil Kellyanne Conway

Over the weekend, several New Yorkers gathered outside of the Bowling Green subway station.  They held signs that read “We are all Bowling Green”.  There was a somber mood.  A [Read More …]

Trump’s Muslim Ban Has Been Shut Down (For Now)

Resist the Muslim Ban

After a mere eight days of having a ban on incoming immigrants from seven primarily Muslim countries, the federal government has suspended Trump’s executive order. Excuse Me? Oh yes, you heard right. [Read More …]

What You Need to Know About Trump’s Border Wall

In the past week Trump has been making waves with his plans for the border wall; here's what you need to know.

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One of Trump’s most outstanding campaign platforms was that he would work to build a border wall between the border of the United States and Mexico. Barely a week in [Read More …]

UC Berkeley Protests Derail Speech from Milo Yiannopoulos

UC Berkeley protest 2

Molotov cocktails thrown at police.  Commercial-grade fireworks set off.  Smashed windows.  Tossed metal barricades.  It sounds like a description from a war zone.  But this isn’t a scene from a [Read More …]

Ban on Muslims Facing Staunch Resistance

Donald Trump at a podium, talking about the ban on muslims

There’s a lot of resistance to Trump’s ban on Muslims. And we’re not just talking about the lawyers that are trying to help those trying to enter the country despite [Read More …]

Trans Community Rushes ID Changes in Fear of Trump

transgender rights

For most people, an ID doesn’t hold much significance.  It’s more of a necessary evil.  Something you need to use your credit card without trouble.  A piece of plastic to [Read More …]