Five Celebrities Who Could Run for President in 2020

In wake of Trump's election, other celebrities consider running for office

Seinfeld - Celebrities Who Could Run For President 2020

The election of Donald Trump as our nation’s 45th president has got some celebrities thinking. The fact that President Trump was a TV celebrity and famous businessman before his election [Read More …]

More Questions About Trump-Russia Relations Crop Up

Michael Flynn and Trump-Russia Relations

Trump-Russia relations? Yes, that’s still going on. Yes, it’s as pervasive as you think it is. No, it’s probably not going away anytime soon. Wait, What? A quick recap, then. [Read More …]

Trump’s Latest Address to Congress About his Plans for the US

Trump signing documents prioritizing Christian refugees

On the last day of February, Trump went before Congress to detail his plans for the next four years. He covered what he’s already done, what he hopes to do, [Read More …]

Trump Administration Tried to Silence Intelligence Community on Russia

Reince Priebus

Oh lordy, here we go. According to CNN, Reince Priebus requested that the FBI deny reports that Trump’s campaign had relations with Russia. This comes when the investigation into said [Read More …]

Transgender Rights Rolled Back

Trump Administration Won't Protect Transgender Students

One day after Trump condemned anti-Semitism (albeit ineffectually), his administration threw transgender rights under the bus. I’m Sorry? You should be. Let’s explain. Last year, North Carolina drafted and passed [Read More …]

Undocumented Immigrants and Anti-Semitism

Trump at the podium, speaking of anti-semitism and immigrants

Back on Feb 21st, Donald Trump signed an executive order ordering the government to be more aggressive on immigration. In response, the Department of Homeland Security drafted some new guidelines [Read More …]

Trump and His First Solo Press Conference

Trump at the press conference

Reading like the YA novel we never knew we already hated, Donald Trump hosted his first solo press conference back on the 16th. He covered a lot of topics, all [Read More …]

Penguins Facing Yet Another Environmental Crisis

Two black footed penguins

New studies shows a decline in the amount of cute, cuddly penguins. This time it’s the African penguin, colloquially known as the black-footed penguin. Africa’s only species of penguin is [Read More …]

Radical Scheme to Save the Ice Caps in Consideration

Arctic landscape, lotta ice

Whelp, we’ve finally done it. We’ve driven the scientists of the world to consider a scheme so ridiculous is resembles a Bond villain’s. When future historians look back on this, [Read More …]

Trump Administration Russian Ahead on Michael Flynn

Michael Flynn

I don’t care how fast they were going, they should question him thoroughly! Sorry, let’s back up a bit. A few days ago, Michael Flynn was forced to resign from his [Read More …]